Earning Her Spurs
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September 23rd, 2016

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Swimming in the Rain

-"Sato, are you going to fix that hyperdrive today?"

Asami sighed as she picked up her wrench again. "Maybe. These take-off thrusters are more banged up than I thought, so they're going to take longer."

Her boss, a particularly ugly Mangalore called Irtos, wasn't taking this kindly. "I need this ship ready and out of the shop, the owners are getting impatient."

"Well maybe you should have put more than one 120-pound girl on a 100-foot star cruiser." This probably wasn't a good idea, talking back to him like that. He already hated her somewhat, but since she was his best mechanic, he had a tough time finding a reason to fire her and send her back to Earth instead.

Back to Earth was not a place she wanted to go, since the planet had become dry and arid after the last Great Human Wars, upon which the new governments had decided to pool their resources and fund the space station she was currently on, ironically named Hades. It was on the opposite end of the Sun from the Earth, rotating in the same orbit as their planet of origin.

This had attracted the attention of the first interstellar civilizations to seek contact, and before long, Hades had become a center of commerce from which all kinds of spaceships came and went, bringing with them all kinds of creatures.

Asami's dad had been a successful businessman, right up until the moment it was discovered that he was secretly funding and provoking interstellar wars in order to increase his profits. This didn't go down well with a lot of visitors, who subsequently kidnapped him, probably to make him stand trial before the Sagittarius Council, or they just killed him on the way there.

This left Asami on her own, with nothing but a sullied name and a useless business so badly in debt it pretty much went broke overnight. All she had left was pretty much limited to the clothes on her back and the head on her shoulders, which she opted to use in favor of ending up a prostitute, which is what most women in her position would have done.

After a bit of trial and error, Asami came to work as a mechanic here, where she fixed the worst rust-buckets travelling among the stars, as she was doing now. Both the hyperdrive and the take-off thrusters were broken, leaving her to wonder how the hell the occupants ever managed to hit something as small as the Solar System, let alone Hades.

"Look, I fixed about half of these thrusters, but it's going to take time, or another guy to fix the rest."

-"Looks like they're just going to have to make do with half then," Irtos smirked, revealing his disgusting teeth. "Hyperdrive, now."

Asami sighed again and set to work on that. She crawled deep inside the engine of the ship, where the problem most likely was.

It was dirty, hot, claustrophobic work, but it was the only work she could do right now, and so, towards the end of her day, she had managed to fix the ship.

"Clocking out here," she yelled as she held her keycard to the device. Before waiting for a reply, she slipped into her jacket and got onto her hoverbike to ride back to her apartment.

It was only small, having little more than a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but it was at least a little bit of Asami's safe place.

Which is why it was extra disturbing to notice that someone was definitely there. The door was slightly ajar, nothing you'd notice if you weren't looking for it, but unmistakable to Asami. Very cautiously, she nudged it open, only to have a smile appear on her face as she saw why the door was open in the first place.

"For once, could you just call ahead of time?" she smirked.

From Asami's comfortable chair rose a figure dressed in old-fashioned cowboy boots, jeans worn down to the thread, a gun belt hanging off her right hip, a crop top, a leather jacket thrown over the chair she was sitting in, and with very distinct tattoos covering her entire left arm and her right upper arm.

-"I could, but that would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it?" She slowly stalked closer to the mechanic, having one hand on the laser pistol hanging from her belt. "You know I'm all about theatricality."

Asami stopped her by putting her flat hand on her chest, even though the distance between them was minimal. "And that's what I love about you." Before she knew it, Korra pulled her into a passionate kiss, which lasted long enough for them to be forced to end it by a lack of air.

This was why they maintained a long-distance relationship: the passion between them burned brighter every time Korra came to visit, and it was proudly on display of Korra's right shoulder: a heart with 'Asami' written in it. Probably a stupid idea, though the outlaw did admit that she got it when she was properly drunk. Not the best way to go about things, but Asami did appreciate the notion that Korra was thinking of her when she was drunk.

Korra's hands slipped up Asami's jacket and slowly started pulling it down her arms, dropping it on the floor.

"Korra, wait..." the mechanic started. "I'm still dirty from work."

The outlaw just chuckled. "I know, but you know that my hands aren't exactly clean either." She continued her work and softly started kissing Asami's neck.

"Hmmm..." she moaned, loving the feeling of the surprisingly tender lips on her worked skin. "At least move this to the shower? I think we can do two things at once."

Korra smiled and scooped her up bridal-style. "Sounds like a plan."

Two showers, a meal, and no less than six hours of passionate lovemaking later, Korra and Asami had finally ended up in bed, where their last round had just ended. The mechanic was already struggling to stay awake, a sight so adorable that Korra couldn't help but smile at it.

"Sleep," she urged her. "I'll still be here in the morning." Whether or not that was true, Korra didn't know yet. She had a habit of showing up for maybe one night, they had their fun, and then the outlaw was on her way again. She only had a small ship affectionately called Naga, but it could support one person for a limited time. She could easily make it from one planet to another, but yet always managed to find her way back here, back to Hades and Asami's warm bed.

Sure, she encountered plenty of prostitutes on her travels, some even humans, but Korra never went for this. Her heart belonged to this one mechanic, stubborn yet beautiful, who knew exactly who she was and what she did, but never let it get in the way of their... well, calling it a relationship would be a stretch, but that was the closest thing to it.

Korra couldn't exactly offer her a life, given that she made a living robbing freighters and that her bounty was up in the ten thousands of credits, but then again, Asami had everything stolen from her, down to her very reputation. They were in the same boat, so when Korra came into the shop one day to ask for repairs, they both recognized the other and swore to keep it silent. It wasn't ideal, but later that night, they were in Naga for a drink, and somehow, ended up in bed together.

It had since become something of a staple to them, but it always ended with Korra sneaking out, leaving Asami with an emptiness she usually filled with booze and Korra with massive guilt that she then tried to wash away with generous helpings of booze. She had more than once morbidly chuckled to herself that alcoholism probably wasn't the most healthy basis for a relationship.

But it worked, and neither one wanted to put an end to it.

Korra decided she could stay at least until Asami woke up. She gently wrapped her arm around her lover, and then went to sleep as well.

The following morning, it was the outlaw who woke up first. She made some breakfast, surprising Asami when she woke up too to the smell of sizzling bacon.

"Morning," Korra greeted her.

-"Morning," the mechanic said in surprise. "You stayed."

She chuckled. "Yeah, I didn't get in until late last night. I have a moment before they realize I'm here."

Asami sat down at the table with some of Korra's breakfast, which was surprisingly good. "Thanks. It's been a while since someone made me breakfast."

"My pleasure."

They made some light banter over Korra's adventures before Asami needed to get to work. The outlaw very kindly offered to go with her, so long as she had her vintage Aviator sunglasses on. With that and her arms covered, she wouldn't be recognized. Naga was docked close to the workshop anyway, and Korra never brought luggage.

But when they got to the workshop, Asami immediately saw that something was off. The ship she had worked on yesterday was docked out front again, and there were three very burly and angry looking Hefls standing around her boss. By the looks of things, he was trying to bargain for his life.

-"That's her!" Irtos called out. "She's the one who fucked up your ship!"

"Thank you," one of them mocked and promptly shot Irtos in the head.

Korra leapt off the bike, drawing her laser gun as well, aiming it at the aliens. She put herself between them and Asami, already defending her. "Easy, boys, no need to get violent with her."

-"This broad only fixed half of our ship and then charged us full price. Someone's gonna pay for that."

The outlaw chuckled. "By looks of things, the guy who charged you too much already did."

Asami got off the bike as well and felt for the knife in her boot. It wasn't much but better than nothing. They had the numbers advantage, were bigger, stronger, and better armed. The only benefit that she and Korra had was that Hefls weren't famed for their intelligence. "We don't have to get violent here. There's money in the office, and you can be on your way," the mechanic tried.

-"Ha!" one of them mocked. "We can barely take off from this shitty station, how are we supposed to leave any planet we enter? Fix our ships, or we turn you into cat food."

Korra and Asami shared a knowing look, upon which the outlaw fired the first shot, right into the heart of one of the Hefls. It was effective, since he dropped dead straight away. Didn't help them much that their heart was close to their groin, and thus easily left vulnerable.

Asami charged, running up to one who was unarmed. Her lover entered into a standoff, shooting back and forth from mild cover.

Of course, it wasn't much of a challenge for the mechanic. Her father may have been evil down to the bone, but he still made her take self-defense classes since she was six. Those came in very handy now.

She made short work of beating the Hefl down, and just as she looked up, Korra landed a solid shot on her opponent, taking him down as well.

Asami walked up to her boss, seeing him lying there. There was no doubt about it, he was dead. Truth be told, she had mixed feeling about this. On the one hand, yeah, he was a living being, but on the other, he was also a total asshole, scamming wherever he could, including his own employees, were it not that Asami actually knew something about keeping records. The station was probably better off without him.

-"Shit..." Korra swore. "These guys are part of a gang. If they learn we killed three of them, they're coming after us."

Asami shook her head. "No." The outlaw looked up at this as the mechanic wrapped her arms around her waist. "I want to come with you. I'm sick of this life, the scraps, people turning away from me. You're the only one who appreciates me."

Korra hesitated. "Asami... I... Look, this is not something you want to do impulsively."

"I know. But I hate this life that I was stuck in. This is my chance to get out clean, to go with someone I want to be with." She pressed a quick kiss on Korra's lips. "Someone who doesn't care about what anyone says about me, or her, for that matter."

A huge smile appeared on the outlaw's face. "Let's do it," she said.

A couple of minutes later, they were sitting in Naga, Asami in the co-pilot's seat. "Ready for a new life?"

"Take me to the stars."

This was heavily inspired by boasamishipper's Spur of the Moment and its prequels/sequels, after which I named it. Go read those, they're brilliant.

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