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Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Si Wong Desert




163 AG

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, Sand, Glass

Fighting style(s)

Earthbending, Sandbending, Glassbending


Tum Guon, Ikyina, Gouru, Yungyen, citizens of Laobao


Anjanun, his army

Chronological and political information
  • Earthbending master
  • Glassbending master
  • Ambassador of Laobao

Dyonu is the second child and the first son of Tum Guon and Ikyina. He is also a Glassbender like his father.


Dyonu was born 2 years after his older sister and 4 years before his youngest sister. Being a child of the founder of Laobao, he had to learn to defend it, learning Earthbending, Sandbending and finally Glassbending like his father. He spent a number of years travelling through Si Wong Desert gaining a truce with other sandbender tribes and towns.

In 206 AG he helped defend Laobao against Anjanun and his army of sandbenders.


Despite Dyonu growing up in the town of Laobao in the Si Wong Desert, his father was still able to teach him and his sisters earthbending by making an entire field ground of rocks made from sand. When he had mastered earthbending his father then taught him sandbending and finally glassbending, going through rigorous training for him to master the skill.


Dyonu mastered earthbending, going through rigorous training each day to master it, as Tum Guon was insistent on him learning glassbending as soon as possible.


To learn glassbending, Dyonu had to learn to bend sand. He eventually mastered sandbending as well, being able to drive a sand sailer hundreds of miles through the desert without stopping.


Dyonu eventually learned and mastered glassbending from his father, along with both his sisters. While travelling to meet Sandbender tribes, he carries around glass trips attached to his clothing to use as a weapon.

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