Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Dynasty in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Dynasty is a fan fiction about the history of the Fire Nation Royal Family. It will try to take a historical, third-person perspective, and focus on what is important, with relatively no filler.
A detailed timeline of events can be viewed here. It will be updated as more information is revealed.


Originally, a chapter per generation was planned, but as they overlap, I'm not sure how it'll be divided up.

When Legend of Korra is complete, another chapter based on its generation will be released.

Chapter One: Origins and Evolution of the Fire Nation

This chapter covers the Fire Nation's earliest history, from a humble shaman to the great Council of Sages, and a war which would change the structure of the country - roughly eight thousand years of history.

Chapter Two: Sozon

This chapter covers the earliest roots of the Hundred Year War.


  • Early History
  • Sozin's Grandfather, Hoku, and predecessors.
  • Sozin's Father, Sozon.
    • mental instability
    • wife
    • passion for astronomy
  • Sozin
  • Azulon
    • middle of war
    • Water Tribe Raids
    • two marriages
  • Iroh and Lu Ten
  • Ozai and Ursa
    • relationship
    • banishment
  • Zuko
    • banishment


The name of this fan fiction is Dynasty, because of the complex genealogy it explores. Each Dynasty is divided into sub-Dynasties, for minor familial changes of rule. This also ties into the naming conventions in the Fire Nation, for example, Azulon's full name is Yang Zen Azulon. Yang is his dynastic name, and it is handed down through the royal bloodline no matter what, however, it is only used by actual reigning families. So, if Lu Ten hadn't died and Iroh had taken the throne when Azulon died, and Lu Ten took the throne after Iroh, and his children after him, Zuko and Azula would no longer have the dynastic name Yang. However, if Lu Ten's children had no children, Zuko or Azula's children would, presumably, take the throne and take the dynastic name Yang. Zen is his family name, and, in the royal family, the way it functions is that the non-royal person in a marriage takes the royal person's family name. Therefore, when Sei Ilah married Azulon, her name became Zen (Sei) Ilah, where the name in brackets is her maiden name. Outside of the royal family, neither the wife nor husband take each other's name, but the children take the father's. The children of princesses do take the non-royal father's name if it is certain they won't reign, and lose the dynastic name. After this, if sufficient generations pass and said princess's bloodline is required to start a new sub-Dynasty, the original, non-royal father's family name becomes the new sub-Dynasty, and family name; and the new royal family is given back the original dynastic name, in this case Yang. For a period of time, from the reign of Hiroto to Azulon's first marriage, a royal name is given to consorts as well. Azulon's first wife, Fei Lin, during her marriage to the Fire Lord, became Yang Zen (Fei Lin) Azula, where Azula was her royal name.

Long Dynasty

Started by Long Peng.

Ma Wang Dynasty

Started by Ma Wang Ye by challenging Council of Sages.

Yang Dynasty

Started by Yang Sen; reconstructed after period of no government.


First Sai sub-Dynasty.

  • ...
  • Yang Sai Shi (8250-8279-8281)

Second Sai sub-Dynasty. Started by Sai Wu by stealing the throne from his older sister.

  • Yang Sai Wu (8253-8281-8302)
  • Yang Sai Huoyan (8283-8302-8345)
  • Yang Sai Quon (8305-8345-8376)
  • Yang Sai Ling (8327-8376-8413)
  • Yang Sai Tanda (8350-8413-8432)

First Zen sub-Dynasty. Started by Zen Lin when current Fire Lord died without heir.

  • Yang Zen Lin (8312-8432-8496)
  • ...
  • Yang Zen Saku (8678-8703-8740)
  • Yang Zen Isuzai (8728-8740-8827)
  • Yang Zen Tokkai (8762-8827-8834)

Second Zen sub-Dynasty. Started by Zoku when his brother and nephew died in a storm.

  • Yang Zen Zoku (8794-8834-8854)
  • Yang Zen Hiroto (8829-8854-8918)
  • Yang Zen Hoku (8872-8918-8938)
  • Yang Zen Sozon (8900-8938-8955)
  • Yang Zen Sozin (8931-8955-9033)
  • Yang Zen Azulon (9013-9033-9108)

Third Zen sub-Dynasty. Started by Ozai by creating the lie that Azulon wanted him to be Fire Lord rather than his older brother, Iroh.

  • Yang Zen Ozai (9074-9108-9113-????)
  • Yang Zen Zuko (9096-9113-????)


*This family tree will be updated with Sozin's predecessors and other family members introduced.

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