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"I'll ride along for a while I guess"
— Dutch to Kento
Heroshi Takara
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A War Hero

Heroshi Takara, better known by his nickname, Dutch, was a friend of Kento and a character in the fanon The Saga of Kento. He joined Kento and Spree during the events of A War Hero.


Not much is currently known about Dutch's background. At some point, he found himself working as a hired gun in Pat To, guarding the docks and spending his time in the local bar. He lost his job however after a barfight with Kento and began to ride with the young man, manly due to suddenly being aware of his lack of fighting skills. It was Kento's skill in using a gun that attracted Dutch to him, and helped seal his loyalty to him.

After a time, he and Kento began working on cartography. This time, rather than working for the Earth Kingdom government, they were helping a railroad company connect a line between Ba Sing Se and Yue City. Together, the two would deliver supplies to the railroad camps and fend off highway men. Later they would hunt bison hares in the southern Independent Territories.

Around 125 AG, Dutch parted ways with Kento and rode back to Yue City. He would work as a fisherman for a short time before becoming a prospector in the mountains near the city.


According to Dutch, his parents had a love of giving their children strange nicknames. This explains how his Western sounding nickname was given in an eastern culture based area.


Despite being a non bender, Dutch makes up for in his skills in long range weaponry, including the bow and the newer firearms. This indicates that although he may not have served in the war like Kento, he has had some sort of experience in the area. Dutch also came up with the idea for the revolving chamber hand gun after The Mechanist invented the self-contained round.

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