By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.

Dunkleosteus are the race of giant fish that lived in the Global Ocean during the era of Kaiju.


In era of Kaiju, the Dunkleosteus are hunt throughout in the Global Ocean in order to searching for foods. They're the biggest fish in the sea and eat by only the top predator of the sea, the Ocean Giganto. When the mass extinction is happened, most of them are died. Some survivors of their race are retreated deep into the Subterranea.


Dunkleosteus are the fishes that the bodies are covered with armor. Only the tail that don't have because they have to use the tail for swimming.


Dunkleosteus are the biggest fishes in the sea and second top predator of the Global Ocean. One Dunkleosteus has a very powerful bite from its jaw because of its muscular jaw and sharp bone-like teeth in its mouth make it can kill its prey with one single bite.


  • They're the primary food of adult Ocean Giganto.
  • They're the biggest fishes in the sea.
  • They can eat another one in their own race.

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