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Duels are battles fought by at least two individuals and can be considered a form of recreation, a way of settling disputes, or a training tool for students who are developing skills in a particular fighting art. They may be friendly spars fought to pass time or, in the most extreme cases, fought to the death.

The following is a list of known duels that occurred in 10,170 AG in the fanon The Legend of Kyoko.

Known Duels

Duel between Ionnia and the Terra Triad

Combatants: Avatar Ionnia and three members of the Terra Triad

Victor: Ionnia

When Ionnia first arrived to Hira'a, she saw three members of the Terra Triad abusing and stealing from an elderly flower vendor. She immediately told them to stop and back down or else it wouldn't be pretty. The metalbender laughed and threw a cable at her, to which she easily redirected and sent an Air Blade at him. The earthbender attempted to take her out with a cheap shot to the head, but using her Airbending Knowledge, she dodged the attack and used two large rocks to send him flying into his friend. The lavabender attempted to attack, but before the lava could be utilized, Ionnia used water from a nearby fountain to cool the lava and send him into the pile of Triad Members. She then promptly uses the excess water to freeze the members to the ground before going to give the woman her money back.

Duels at Fireside Hotel

Duel between Ropen and Gyi

Combatants: Ropen and Gyi

Victor: None; Intervened by Ionnia

When Gyi attempted to attack and take over the Fireside Hotel, the son of Avatar Ping Kua was there along with Team Avatar to stop any plans of doing so. When Gyi first arrived, he sent a bolt of lightning at the leader, who quickly dodged it. The Equalist Leader was quickly overwhelmed by the master firebender. Given that he had no other choice, he utilized his waterbending and bloodbending skills, surprising Ropen, which in turn got him knocked down, he attempted to fight back, but was thrown into the air and slammed into the ground. As Gyi was about to take his bending however, Ionnia sent a blast of air at him, removing his concentration. She entered the Avatar State and used combined Earthbending and Airbending attacks on him, as he used Waterbending and his own agility to dodge each one, he started to bloodbend the Avatar, but she closed her eyes and reentered the state. Gyi's bending showed to be powerful, as he could continue to bloodbend her even in the Avatar State, as this happened, he revealed his knowledge of energybending and bent the energy out of her eyes, along with the glow. She tried to reenter but found she could not. Upon finding out, she inquired why, to which her replied he took her ability away, just like he was about to take away her bending, saying this as he sent as large amount of water at her.

Duel behind the Hotel

Combatants: Ionnia, Gui, the Lieutenant, and the Captain and Chi-Blockers

Victor: Ionnia and Gui

Ionnia and the rest of Team Avatar are waiting for the arrival of the Equalists when they spot chi-blockers and the Captain & Lieutenant charge at them, the rest them take on the lieutenant and chi-blockers while Ionnia and Gui were left with the Captain and a few other chi-blockers. Both entered the Avatar State and attacked, but to their surprise, all of the opponents dodged the attack. Ionnia entered the Avatar State and sent hurricane force winds at them, to which they dodged also, the captain attacked Gui with her Electrified kali sticks, electrified glove, and her electrified rope. He managed to dodge it in time to avoid being electrocuted. Ionnia saw this and used combined water and airbending to make a sub-let of a hurricane and knock the captain, the lieutenant, and half the chi-blockers down. She used earthbending to trap them, then used a combination of earth and air to send them flying back into the airship.


  • The fight between Gyi and Ropen is later mirrored between Ionnia vs Ropen. He attacks with everything and she dodges it, then eventually is forced to attack.

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