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Duel in the Plaza
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Murder at the Boiling Rock




The War


Summer, 100 AG


Fire Nation Capital


Mai and Ty Lee victorious



Mai and Ty Lee


Forces involved


Chi Blocking and Various Weapons





The Duel in the Plaza was one of the final battles of The Great War. It was fought and won by Mai and Ty Lee, and lost by Katara. Though the battle was not strategically important, it did result in the death of one of Team Avatar's best members.


Katara and Ty Lee were always on bad terms ever since they met in New Ozai. Katara deeply feared Ty Lee's skill in Chi Blocking, as it was enough to take away Katara's Waterbending, leaving her powerless. Katara's hatred of Azula and Ty Lee (and Mai) increased drastically after finding out they were responsible for the death of her beloved family. These deaths however, had such a profound effect on Katara, that her Waterbending suffered, as did her focus and her control over her emotions.

Zuko, after being told by his uncle he needed to face Azula, asked Katara to help. Despite her anger with Zuko's failure at the Boiling Rock, Katara said yes, as she wanted revenge on Azula. She and Zuko then traveled to the Fire Nation Capital on Appa on the day of Sozin's Comet.

Katara and Zuko arrived just before Azula was crowned. The two prepared to fight Azula together, but Azula revealed she expected them all along, and that she would not stand without help. Mai and Ty Lee then entered the scene from the sides of the arena. Zuko told Katara to go and fight Mai and Ty Lee, as he needed to fight Azula. Under orders from Azula, Ty Lee cartwheeled into the Royal Plaza, luring Katara into it.

The Duel

Now in the plaza, Katara and Ty Lee prepared to fight. Mai entered just before the duel started, throwing knives at Katara. Katara whipped them away, but she soon had to avoid the quick attacks of Ty Lee. Katara's Waterbending had suffered greatly, and Mai and Ty Lee quickly gained the upper hand.

Eventually, Katara was able to get a punch on Mai, splashing her against the plaza's walls. Katara, however, could not close in on Mai, as she was momentarily distracted at Zuko and Azula's Agni Kai. Ty Lee then tried to punch Katara in the stomach, but Katara dodged the punch just in time. She tried hitting Ty Lee with a water whip, but instead found herself shielding herself from a huge blade thrown by Mai.

Soon Katara found herself running out of water to bend. Mai realized this, and punctured a hole in her whip, draining it of most of its water. Ty Lee then swooped down from a pole to get Katara, but Katara sensed her and smacked her back on to the pole.

As the battle's end neared, so did Zuko's and Azula's. Eventually, Zuko was killed by Azula, and Katara watched in horror as Zuko's dead body fell on the ground. Losing the will to fight, Katara began crying to herself on the floor in complete agony. Mai stopped fighting after seeing Zuko dead, as she was also quite upset about his death. Ty Lee soon took matters into her own hands, and paralyzed Katara while she sobbed to herself.

Azula saw Katara's pathetic little show, and started to taunt her, and tell her the Avatar and everyone else she loves is dead, and will never come back. Ty Lee started to feel bad about everything, and asked Azula to just put Katara out of her misery. Azula agreed, grabbed one of Mai's knives, and slits Katara's throat.


The death of Katara and Zuko coincided with the death of Aang, Toph, Iroh, and the Order of the White Lotus's failure during the Battle of Ba Sing Se. For Mai and Ty Lee's victory, they were one of the few people whom were praised at Azula's coronation as Fire Lord.

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