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"Are we there yet?" Toph groaned.

"Does it look like we're there yet?" Sokka asked, annoyed. The young warrior realized his mistake immediately afterwards. "Oh right, sorry." He apologized.

"Guys, relax we're almost there," Aang assured them.

The team had been flying for several hours. Everyone was either asleep or greatly bored.

"Hey, Toph what ever happened to your Metalbending classes?" asked Katara.

"I had to put the classes on hold until we got back," she answered.

"Finally! We're here!" Aang shouted.

Everyone awoke as Appa landed in the Misty Palms Oasis. "Still as exciting as it used to be." Toph sarcastically stated.

"Why are we here again?" Suki asked.

"Jun and Azula couldn't have gone too far. If anyone has seen them this desert is the perfect place to look," Zuko answered. "This desert is the perfect place to hide.

"Come on. Let's look around and see if we can find any information," Aang said.

"So you want our help?" A man asked another man sitting across from him.

"Yes, I've seen your skills and you are perfect for the task that I have in mind." The man talking was Jun.

"Master, are you sure they are trustworthy enough for this mission?" Azula asked.

"I am sure, Azula," Jun replied

"Fine," Azula responded quietly. "But if any of you lay a finger on Katara or Zuko you won't have any fingers left!" she suddenly yelled.

"Do not worry, Azula. My men and I would do no such thing," the man assured her.

"Master Jun!" A man came and bowed before his master. "I have tracked down The Avatar and his friends. They are in the Si Wong Desert, at the Misty Palms Oasis."

"Excellent work, Hong Wu." Jun responded.

"I guess that's our cue," the man whom Jun had been speaking to said.

Team Avatar had been searching all day and were unsuccessful in finding any trace of Jun. "We've looked everywhere!" Sokka complained. "There's no way we'll find him."

Zuko began to look around as if he was searching for something. Mai noticed this. "Zuko, what are you looking for?" she asked.

Suddenly, Zuko's eyes were fixed on a building in the middle of the oasis. "Follow me," Zuko instructed. "There's one place we haven't looked." Everyone did as they were told.

"Uh, Zuko, where are we going?" Katara questioned him.

"We'll be able to find help in here," Zuko replied.

"You can't possibly think we'll find any help in this little flower shop," Suki declared.

"This is more than just a flower shop," the Fire Lord informed her.

As they entered the heroes were approached by an old man with a friendly smile. "Ah, welcome Fire Lord Zuko. It is nice to see you again. How is your uncle doing?"

"He's doing very well," Zuko replied.

"Who are your friends?" He asked.

"This is the Avatar and these are the rest of my friends," he told him.

"Welcome, young heroes," the old man said. "My name is Fung."

"Hello Fung," Aang greeted him. "You didn't happen to see a menacing masked murderer around here did you?" the Avatar asked.

"You must mean Jun," Fung said. "No, not yet but I have every member of the Order in this area looking for him," the old man said.

"The order?" Aang wondered aloud. "You're a member of The Order of the White Lotus?" Aang asked with a bit of shock.

"Indeed I am, young Avatar," Fung replied.

"Alright this has been really informative but I think it's time to go," Sokka said, impatient.

"Thank you for your help, Fung," Zuko politely said.

"Just remember, Fire Lord Zuko, that if you or your uncle ever need anything do not hesitate to ask."

"Now what?" Suki asked as they were walking back to Appa.

"We keep searching," Aang answered.

"That might not be the answer," Sokka spoke. "Fung said he has almost the entire order looking for them. I think we should go back to Ba Sing Se and let them handle it."

"No," Aang responded. "We have to do everything we can to find him ourselves and make sure no one else gets hurt. Remember it's us he's after."

"Point taken," Sokka conceded.

"Aang, while we're out here can Mai and I borrow Appa?"

"You want to find your mother," the Avatar assumed.

"We won't go far. I promise we'll stay in the desert." Zuko assured him.

"Well, okay but hur-" Aang started.

The explosion came so quickly. The young heroes were swept off the ground. They turned to see where the blast came from. "We've come to kill all those who are members of Team Avatar!" a man shouted. Everyone looked up to see who it was. Colonel Mongke and The Rough Rhinos looked down on them with horrifying expressions on their faces.

Zuko reacted to this first. "Stop! What do you think you're doing?!" he demanded "You dare treat your Fire Lord this way?!"

"You, Fire Lord Zuko, are nothing more than a pathetic traitor!" Mongke spat. "Your forefathers and your father himself would be disgusted to see how you've done as Fire Lord!"

"We certainly are!" Vachir spoke up.

Zuko was a bit surprised. It was very unusual for a Yu-Yan Archer to speak. "You are the traitors, you insolent fools!" Zuko responded, angrily.

"Zuko! Get out of the way!" Aang shouted. He blew a gust of wind at one of the Komodo Rhinos and blew Vachir off with it.

"See if you can blow me away, you Airbending freak!" Ogodei yelled as he hurled his chain at Aang. Aang dodged the attack and air blasted the Rough Rhino to the ground. However this attack did not take him down. With an echoing yell, Zuko shot a fire blast at Ogodei and this time he stayed down.

Katara and Suki had picked their own fight with Kahchi. "You two little girls think you can harm me?" The man yelled before swinging his Guan Dao staff. This attack failed as Katara water whipped the tip of the staff clean off. It was then that Suki jumped into the air and gave him a fierce punch to the face, knocking him off of his Komodo Rhino. Kahchi started to get back up but was trampled by his startled Komodo Rhino. He didn't get back up.

"These two 'little girls' just beat you bad, buddy!" Suki remarked.

Yeh-Lu had managed to avoid Sokka and Toph's attacks and continuously bombarded them with explosives. Also, Vachir had recovered and was battling with Mai and even Momo was joining in by scratching the archer's eyes. Very quickly Sokka, Toph, Momo, and Mai came together as did Yeh-Lu and Vachir. Both of the Rough Rhinos unleashed their weapons at once. Toph grabbed onto Sokka and Mai.

"Hold on!" She instructed. The three of them along with Momo went through a hole underground. Yeh-Lu was struck by the Flaming Arrow and died immediately and Vachir was instantly killed by Yeh-Lu's explosive. Toph then earthbent herself and her friends above the ground.

Aang and Zuko were staring face to face with Colonel Mongke. No one made a move until the Colonel finally did. He assaulted Aang with a fire whip that Aang countered with his wind breath. The Colonel was blown off of his Komodo Rhino and landed safely a few feet behind it. Mongke charged at Aang and Zuko while yelling furiously. Before any of them could strike, a giant blast of wind shot Mongke into the air. Appa walked over and growled as he, Aang, and Zuko had Mongke cornered. With an enraged yell, Mongke created a fire wall and disappeared.

All members of Team Avatar quickly gathered together. "Come on. Let's get out of here," Aang stated.

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