Iroh's fire breath
Duel at the Tea House
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Zuko's Decision

A few days after Azula's funeral Zuko made up his mind, he was going to bring Nero down. He ordered his ship to be ready in two hours. As Zuko grabbed his Dual Dao swords Mai walked into the room.

"So you're going then?" she asked bluntly.

"I don't want to talk about it." Zuko said strapping the swords to his back.

"Well, too bad we're talking about it." Mai said blocking the door. "Why are you going?"

"Mai, I have to. She was my sister." Zuko said not even trying to push past her, he knew once her mind was set there was no changing it.

"And I'm your wife, and what about your children." Mai said crossing her arms. "What are we going to do while you're off gallivanting on some quest for revenge? What if something happens to you?" Mai continued tears gathering in her eyes.

Zuko wrapped his arms around Mai and began to console her. "Everything's gonna be fine. How about this, you take the kids to Ember Island and I'll meet you there in a month?"

"You promise?" Mai asked looking into Zuko's eyes. "Even if you haven't found him?"

"Yes I promise." Zuko said before kissing her.

Aang's Assistance

As Zuko approached the ramp of his ship he was not surprised to see Aang waiting for him.

"Don't even bother Aang, if I could convince my wife I can convince you." Zuko said cutting off what ever Aang was about to say.

"Well then how about I join you?" Aang said offering his help.

"Is this where Appa comes to fly us everywhere?" Zuko asked with a smile.

"No, he's already on the ship." Aang said clapping Zuko on the shoulder.

Agni Kai in The Jasmine Dragon

Iroh was serving tea in his tea shop, The Jasmine Dragon, when Nero walked in. Nero sat at a table and ordered some tea. Whenever Iroh asked if he was finished he would simply order some more. Nero waited before every one left before getting up from his table walked over to Iroh and apologized.

Before Iroh could ask what for Nero blasted him with a compressed stream of black fire. Iroh flew across the tea shop landing behind the counter. Within a moment he was up and launched a massive fireball at Nero, who slid under the ball of fire and flipped over the counter bringing his feet down on Iroh's head. Iroh's head slammed against the counter splitting it in half. As Nero pulled him up to slam his head again Iroh brought his elbow to Nero's face. Using the opportunity Iroh grabbed Nero by his collar and flung him across the room. As Nero rolled on his back Iroh was about to blast him point blank with a fire blast. Nero placed his feet on Iroh's stomach and blasted fire out of them, sending him flying through the roof. While in the air Iroh sends a massive jet of fire down on his beloved tea shop, effectively burning it to the ground.

Iroh lands next to the burning building as Nero walks out calmly holding something in his hand. Without a word Nero tossed a sheet of paper to Iroh. Iroh catches it and glances at it, seeing his dead son's picture.

"Thanks for saving this," Iroh said placing the picture in his clothes.

"You'll be with him soon." Nero said, dropping to a fighting stance. Nero swept his front leg sending a stream of fire at Iroh. Iroh jumped over the attack and launched fire from his own mouth. Nero rolled out of the way of Iroh's fire breath. As he rolled to his feet suddenly rock grew around his feet and two rock pillars shot out of the ground and trapped his hands into place. Nero turned his head to see a man with a long ponytail, a thin mustache and a goatee walk up to the fight.

"Well, well, well it's been a while huh Nero?" he said in a casual tone.

"Four years, Master Riku." Nero answered simply before the shackles around his feet and hands exploded in a cloud of black fire. Without hesitating Riku raised a wall of earth as Nero sent a bolt of lightning straight through it striking him in his heart. "And I still surprise you." Nero said as Riku fell to the ground. As Nero looked at his former master's body Iroh resumed his attack by launching three consecutive fire blasts. Nero easily dodged all of them while running up to Iroh. He grabbed him by his collar and threw him back into the burning teashop. He then made a black fiery cyclone around the tea shop and collapsed it in on itself. He waited for a minute, when Iroh didn't reappear Nero turned and left down an alley. By the time the Dai Li arrived Nero was well outside of Ba Sing Se.

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