Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Dual Spirits in the last hundred years.

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Dual Spirits
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The Legend of Korra


Due to differences in the last Avatar's lifespan, this time the Earth Kingdom welcomes 2 Avatars in the form of unidentical twins, the older brother Weimin and the younger sister Meixiu. Being the first two compatible Avatars is not easy as people may like one over the other. Weimin gets more favours than Meixiu, who struggles to learn to proficiently use her bending and also her connection to spirits and understanding the world The Great Creator has shaped, is usually ousted and not liked by many people. However, Meixiu is patient and more empathetic than Weimin who is in his own subtle ways ruthless and admonishing of people he finds less brilliant or lesser and this happens mostly with non-bender people. Meixiu at one point is ousted from the grand palace of the Earth Kingdom to go learn more basics at Republic City. Weimin grows up to be more persistently dedicated to the power aspects of the Avatar and constantly conspires to be ruler of almost everything. Meixiu, quiet for most part of her life, becomes very interested and alive in the city, and meets the beggar Jinora who decides to help her live a more satisfying life. Though President Kai of Republic City disapproves of Avatars in general and is also against the opposition party "Fire storm"'s leaders Mako and Bolin. Jinora realizes that Meixiu is very talented and as spiritual as her, but because of being downplayed all her life, she has suppressed most of her potential. While Weimin tethers on being a ruthless totalitarian with unknown goals, will Meixiu become a strong Avatar. (Set 40 years after Legend of Korra)


Meixiu - one of the twins who are the new Avatars. Meixiu's natural instinct is to be talkative, analytical and empathetic. However, due to the vast pressures of being one of the Svatars and also called "the girl one", she has suppressed most of what she knows and likes and gets easily bored. She gets ousted to Republic City due to the favouritism and her non-compliance in teaching methods. Though she wanted a good relationship with her brother, it became a competitive one that Weimin easily mastered and allowed and accepted. Due to her lack of familial love and also the constant sibling rivalry takes a heavy toll on her. She prefers actually non-bending at first than bending. Though it is Jinora who sees that she is very spiritually skilled and a potential bending master, Meixiu at first is a lonely person having very little friends. Though she quickly seems to come out of her horrible depressions and loneliness and try her true potential at being the Avatar.

Weimin- Meixiu's older twin brother and the other Avatar. Where Meixiu is empathetic, Weimin is calculative and very ruthlessly precise and prefers to do anything to get his way. One of the things that Weimin feels that because he is a boy he can get away with many things and does so by manipulating people subtly and also attempting to put down Meixiu. To him, Meixiu is a fluke and not the rightful heir to the Avatar name. Though he sometimes cares about her, he prefers only thinking about himself. Very proficient in bending and many aspects of Avatar training. A natural charmer of ladies but doesn't really love anyone. Though it is sometimes suggested that he has twisted feelings for his sister Meixiu. He is heartless but efficient and prefers to be loyal only to himself.

Sirena - is the mother of the Avatar twins. She is a loving mother and a great warrior-scholar in her own right and was leader to the Kyoshi Warriors, then became leader of Dai Li. She values organization, precision and ambition. In their childhood, Weimin had a more close relationship with their mother but Meixiu felt distant and felt she could not be loved by her mother. In actuality, Sirena really loves her daughter but is afraid for her and begins to understands the pressures she went through later on in life.

Napo - is father of the Avatar twins. Is the Earth Queen and Ling's right hand councilor and adviser. Though jovial in nature, he is notoriously known for also being impatient and very frustrating to work with. Also a skilled fighter, Napo at first hides the disappointment of not being the father of twin boys as he feels that Meixiu is a total failure. Though throughout the story he realizes how wrong he was when he gets an inkling of Weimin's ruthless nature.

MingMei - the new Earth Queen and a very skilled and practical ruler. She dresses a bit like Kyoshi and Aang and has been a just ruler. It is her husband and her with a heavy heart declare that Meixiu must go to Republic City and live with Ikki, the air bending master, and learn how to be a better Avatar.


  • Chapter 1: Jousting and Ousting — where you meet some of the main characters more or less. This chapter is not really landscape driven but it more on character focus and how they somewhat interact. You get to see Meixiu a bit and you may not immediately like her character because she is defeatist and prone to tantrums due to her frustration in being a "failed" Avatar. On the other hand, you get to see the progress of Weimin and his cocky and detached attitude. You are also introduced to Pinak, a close friend of Meixiu.

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