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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Book 1 of Powers Saga.

Druk is a descendant of the dragons Ran and Shaw as well as Firelord Zuko's lifelong animal companion.


Early life

The only surviving egg in his clutch, Druk was raised by the Ancient Sun Warriors until he reached adolescence and grew strong enough to fly.  From that point on, he began searching the Fire Nation for more of his lost kind.

In 99 AG, he encountered the researcher Ren and her young daughter Sien. Though wary of the humans at first, Ren's persistence and ability to mimic and understand dragon movements like the Sun Warriors eventually won over Druk's cooperation. He began to allow the pair to camp near him on a regular basis. He even accepted his name from the girl Sien, who was trying to call him "Dragon", but mispronounced it as "Druk."

Later that same year Druk discovered an un-hatched clutch of dragon eggs abandoned in a den. With no sign of the parents, Druk took it upon himself to guard and look after the clutch. Unable to travel far out of his territory and leave his new charges, Druk was ambushed by poachers and seriously wounded. With the help of his human friend, Ren, Druk was healed by Zuko, who had command of water and bloodbending at the time.

In thanks for saving his life, Druk took the opportunity to reveal the clutch of eggs to Ren for safekeeping, as a mark of trust. Druk also agreed to help Zuko in his quest to re-take the palace from his sister Azula following her hostile takeover. When asked to judge who was the true Firelord, Zuko or Azula, Druk chose Zuko after the young prince displayed a powerful firebending technique known as "The Breath of Dragon Fire."

Later Life

Druk remained by Zuko's side for the rest of his life, serving as his mount whenever he had to travel. In his later years, he carried Zuko to examine Ming-hua's prison. He also aided Zuko in attempting to prevent P'Li's escape, but was injured when she redirected his flames and attacked him with a combustion blast.


Like most dragons, Druk is fully aware of his size and power and will not hesitate to use them to his advantage, to get what he wants, especially if threatened. That said, Druk has been known to act more rashly and overconfident around people than other members of his species. Druk even allowed himself to forge friendships with humans, provided they proved themselves worthy of his company.

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