Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Dreams of Melasa in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Dreams of Melasa
Life Takes Many Paths
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April, 2013 - September, 2013


The Snowbold


The Snowbold


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Storms of the Future Cycle

Dreams of Melasa is an ongoing short series fanon detailing the tale of an Avatar and his companion in the ancient past as the Avatar tries to keep the world in balance.

Plot Edit

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The story revolves around the enigmatic Melasa.

Avatar Tiros has encountered a new and puzzling character in the form of Melasa, a mysterious woman who now serves him. How will Melasa being a witch affect their partnership? While he is still trying to figure out her history, Tiros must settle disputes and chaos on the continent.

Melasa has sworn servitude to Avatar Tiros, how far will she go to serve her new master?

A new threat emerges from an earthbender named Lesun who is rumored to be immortal. He has begun a campaign of violence on the mainland that must be stopped. But any attempts by others meets failure, a great cry for the Avatar, who is still learning the elements, comes and Tiros finds it hard to refuse.

Years after the Iseran Rebellion that brought Melasa and Tiros together, something new arises, or rather, something old. Melasa goes alone to discover and confront the source in what is called the Shadow World.

Characters Edit

  • Melasa: A red-haired half-witch, Melasa is dangerous and powerful. Her source of power makes her highly unpredictable.
  • Tiros: Trained by the Dragons and the Monks, Avatar Tiros has two more elements to master.
  • Lesun: A dangerous earthbender inciting chaos.
  • Hanbao: A luckless earthbender who now works for Lesun. For the inspiring Hanbao, look here.
  • Melas: Melasa's father and one of the few surviving Nifrin from the purges. His death set Melasa on a nomadic life of fear.
  • Huam: A Water Tribe warrior and swordmaster who knows a bit of Melasa's past.
  • Uzusim : A Fire Sage elder and teacher of Tiros. He is suspicious and distrustful of Melasa.
  • Dosh Rak: A very ancient and dangerous monster that the Nifrin fought against.
  • Kurotama: A powerful spirit trapped with the Kage no Seru.

Chapters Edit

Dreams of Melasa is currently one book.

Here is some music that I think is good for the theme. It is Requiem by Nao Hiragi from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.

Book I: Servant Edit

This has fourteen short chapters detailing the journey of Avatar Tiros and Melasa.

  1. Proactive Survival - Avatar Tiros is attacked by a mysterious assassin.
  2. A New Master - Life has gotten more complicated for the Avatar when he discovers what his failed assassin is.
  3. The Great Forest - Tiros answered a cry of distress from a village that is losing people almost nightly. 
  4. Different Worlds - Melasa has trouble adapting as she sees a threat in every venue in the North Pole.
  5. Prowess and Priority - Tiros must weigh his training or the current needs of the people.
  6. Waves of Stone - The Avatar and Melasa come to face the enemy responsible for havoc of the Southern Earth Kingdom.
  7. Sons of the Earth - The enemy is persistent, unafraid of the Avatar and his powers, or perhaps more fearful of disappointing their leader.
  8. Brethren - Melasa learns the secret to Lesun's power.
  9. Arbalest - In the heat of battle, one might not notice a single attack.
  10. Convalesce - Melasa needs to heal, Tiros risks the entire war to ensure her safety. 
  11. War Flower - Tiros and a healed Melasa think about things have happened recently.
  12. Keepsakes - Melasa explains the mystery of Lesun's power.
  13. Iseran - The final showdown begins as Tiros and Melasa do the inconceivable.
  14. Dosh Rak - The final stroke begins as things take a turn for the worst.

Interlude - A year after Book I, this single chapter explains the aftermath of the dispute in the North Pole and what happened with Melasa's oath.

Book II: Shadow World Edit

A potential book two is being considered though it would be released later after Rise of Lirin. It would concern a shadow world, surviving Nifrin and Melasa's loyalties. It would be set several years later.

  1. Faint but Clear- Melasa feels something wrong
  2. Ghost in the Steel- Melasa discovers a disturbing secret about the Ish Kash dating back to the final battle of the Spirit War.
  3. Kurotama- Melasa meets the Prisoner of the Shadow World.
  4. Loyalties- Melasa is questioned and must face questions of loyalties when she meets other Nifrin survivors.
  5. Servants of Shadow- Melasa faces an old enemy again.
  6. Game of Fate- In a world built on death, survival is the ultimate game.
  7. Shadows and Reflections- Melasa encounters new beings in the Shadow World not made by Kurotama.
  8. Tomb of Blood- Melasa learns the source of Kage no Seru.
  9. Broken Blades- Kuro must face his other half.
  10. Hill of Shadow- Melasa faces the demons of the Shadow World.
  11. Souls and Swords- Melasa squares off with the final enemy of the Kage no Seru.
  12. Home- Melasa relfects on the choices of her life.

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Reviews Edit

FRS Review by Mageddon725

FFF Interview by Fruipit

Notes Edit

  • Dreams of Melasa is related to Storms of the Future Cycle but does not directly affect any of the events in it.
  • The Ghost Swords will show up more so than they have in previous Storms fanons
  • Melasa is heavily inspired by Misuzu of 11eyes, of whose pictures are used.
  • Hanbao is a recurring gag in the fanon portal of an unpleasant character name that was first taken by Lady Lostris despite Minnichi's original use of the name in an article of the White Lotus Sentinel.
  • Dreams of Melasa was inspired by 11eyes, but the author was also watching Bleach and Dusk Maiden of Amnesia while writing this.
  • The formal name of the event that occurs in Avatar Tiros' time is The Iseran Rebellion.
  • The rating of this fanon was changed when the author began writing out Lesun and realized how violent and harsh-tongued he is. It was PG-13, it has been moved to MA.

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