Dreams Really Do Come True is the first chapter of the fanon series Avatar: Choices.

Dreams Really Do Come True
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Aang, Katara, and Toph are flying over a river in the Earth Kingdom when they see the boat from Aang's dream.


I woke up the morning after the dream with a headache. Stupid nightmare, I thought. This whole thing is messed up. I know Roku had his reasons for showing me that, but why was it some kid named Todd losing his dog? And why couldn't he have told me what it meant?

I was interrupted from my thoughts when Katara sat up and yawned. She saw me and smiled.


"Good morning."

"What happened last night with all the yelling?"

"Toph was mad at me because I was shaking in my sleep. I had a nightmare."

"I thought you stopped having those like, two years ago."

"This one was different. And it was really... bizarre."

"What was it about?"

"Some kid named Todd had his dog killed by a man with half a face."

"Half a face?"

"Seriously, half of it was ripped off. It was disgusting. And then Roku came and told me to be ready for some evil that was coming."

At the mention of Roku, Katara arched her eyebrows. "If Roku was in your dream, it's probably important. He usually doesn't just show up for nothing."

"Can we talk about this later? It's too depressing for this early in the morning. Plus, Toph needs to get up. We have a long day of flying ahead of us."

"Wait. Let me do this. It'll be payback for waking me up last night." She grinned. She stood up, grabbed her water pouch, and walked towards Toph's tent.

"You do realize she's going to kill you for this?"

"I accept that risk," she said, putting her hands on her hips. "But I know you've got my back. Airbend me up in the air so she can't see me or take revenge."

"Okay, let's do this!"


"She's snoring; she's not going to wake up."

She quietly walked towards the tent. She pulled out a big stream of water and splashed it at Toph's face. As she woke up sputtering, I ran over to Katara, picked her up, and jumped into the air. We were laughing as we came down in a tree. I looked down at Toph and she was shaking her head to try to get the water out of her head.

"I'm going to kill you guys!"

"We figured." I said.

Katara jumped down from the tree and waterbended the water from Toph's clothes.

"You needed a bath anyway," she said as Toph shuddered.

"I hate it when you do that! Why couldn't you just shake my arm or something?" She muttered.

"Well you're up, aren't you?" I said as I jumped down. "We need to get going." We started to pack up the campsite, and when that was done, we all got on Appa.

"So Schedule Master, do we have any specific place to go?" Toph asked once we were up in the air.

I looked back at her. "I think we're just going to help anyone we come across. I haven't heard of any disasters lately, so everything seems to be good in general. Plus, that's Sokka's title. Don't use it on me."

"Wait... what's that down there?" Katara said, pointing down at the river below us. I scrambled to the side of Appa's head and followed her gaze. A tiny brown boat was on the river. Something was nagging me about that, but I couldn't think of it.

"It's just a boat. But something seems really familiar about it..."

"It's not from the Water Tribes or Fire Nation. It's too small. And I don't think there are any villages near here."

"We need to check this out." I went back to the middle of Appa's head and flapped the reins. "Yip yip!" He roared and we flew down closer to the boat. But it didn't really deserve to be called a boat. It was warped and old looking. It didn't even have oars or sails, and it was really small, only big enough to hold about two people. And that's exactly what it was carrying. Then it hit me.

This was the boat from my dream.

"We have to get closer. Now!" I quickly turned Appa to the right and went into a steep dive. Katara and Toph squawked as they were thrown against the saddle edge.

"Aang! What the hell are you doing!?" Toph screamed. "We almost fell off!"

"It looks like the boat from my dream! This is what Roku warned me about!" We coasted down towards the boat. One person was lying on the bottom of the boat, while the other was kneeling beside the other one. The one kneeling looked up and her eyes got so wide, it looked like they would burst. We landed next to the river, and I looked more closely at the girl. She had a long, black, messy braid. Her clothes were dirty, torn, and bloody. Her mouth was open, and a strangled squeaking was coming out of it.

"You need some help?" I shouted. The girl nodded, still looking like she was in shock. Katara quickly waterbended the boat towards the shore, and the girl got out, wobbling like an Ostrich Horse calf. She turned around and pulled the boy out of the boat. He was unconscious, and it looked like he was feverish. His face was flushed and sweaty.

"What happened to him?" Katara asked.

"He's—He was stabbed, and it's—it's gone untreated for a while. How—how did you do that, with the water and the six-legged— legged horned thing...? And how did-- did we get here..." She stammered, looking lost. She had a slight, lilting accent. Katara knelt by the boy, flipped him over, and took off his shirt. A big bandage was right between his shoulder blades. She peeled it off, and gasped. The wound wasn't deep, but it had festered, and now it was swollen and it had a greenish tint.

"Who did this?" She asked in astonishment.

"Aaron." The girl said simply. "He took me, and stabbed Todd."

"Was that that guy with the torn up face?" I queried. She looked up sharply.

"Yes... How did-- did you know that?"

"I kind of had a dream with you people in it. At least, I think I did."

Toph finally spoke. "He's the Avatar. Stuff like that happens a lot."

"What's the Avatar?"

"We'll tell you later. What's important is that he is healed before this kills him. How long was he wounded?"

"Aaron had me for about three or four days, and we were on the boat for about a day. So he's been injured for at least four days, but I don't know how long it's been infected for." She seemed to be steadier now, and she wasn't stammering. Katara quickly bended a water glove on and put it on the boy's wound. The girl's eyes got even bigger than they were before. I think they were bugging out of her head, if that's possible.

"Don't they have bending where you come from? I can feel your eyes bugging out from here. Plus, what's your name? I'm tired of calling you 'the girl' in my head." Toph asked.

"No they don't have- whatever you called it. My name's Viola, and that's-"

"Todd." I said. She looked at me again.

"Umm, yeah... How'd you know that?"

"I told you, I think I had a dream about you and Todd. How did you get here?"

"We were going down the river after Manchee died and then when I looked up, we were here. I honestly have no idea how this happened." She sighed.

I thought for a moment. Roku warned me about an evil coming, but these people were our age, maybe even younger. Plus, I don't see how a girl and a boy who were injured and skinny could possibly pose a threat to us. There's something else coming.

I just haven't figured it out yet.

Production Notes and Other Notes


  • Toph's line, "He's the Avatar. Stuff like that happens a lot." mirrors Sokka's line from The Swamp.


  • The stab wound was given to Todd in the book by Aaron. He stabbed him in such a way that made it so Todd would live and come after Viola.
  • Todd and Viola were originally going to come in later (not later in here, but later in TKoNLG). But the author decided to make them come in after Manchee died, because there would be unanswered questions that the characters would have to figure out. Hooray, internal conflict!


I own nothing from the Knife of Never Letting Go or Chaos Walking! All rights go to Patrick Ness and Candlewick Press.

Author's Note

  • Yes, something else is coming, I just haven't figured out who or when.
  • I'm going to try to get a review before continuing, so I may not post another chapter for a while.
  • And I don't know why the spaces between the lines are so big. It's not on purpose and I'm sorry...

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