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By Mrnadas34 Part of the Avatar: Lineok's Legends continuity.
Dragon of Apocalypse
Dragon of Apocalypse
Biographical information

Dark Spirit


Dark Spirit

Birth place

Tree of Time




39,849 BG

Physical description


Eye color

Dark Purple

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Dark energy beams, Physical attacks


Dark spirits


Avatar Lineok

Chronological and political information

Spirit of Apocalypse


Spirit World

The Dragon of Apocalypse is one of the elders spirit that ever existed, He is the Spirit of Apocalypse and the principal antagonist in Avatar: Lineok's Legends. The spirit that should appear when the Spirit World would get collapsed, The Dragon of apocalypse then would replace the Spirit World with Earth and would be the Human Apocalypse.


Coming soon (In my possible new fanfic that I will start in December)...


Dragon of Apocalypse's personality is very dark, he is consumed by his single-minded objective of destroy earth and replace it with the Spirit World.


As the spirit of Apocalypse, his presence makes all other spirits come into Dark spirits, His presence also is feared by Raava and Vaatu, because they know that if the Spirit of Apocalypse is awaken, anything bad would happen. The dragon of apocalypse feeds on Chaos, Fear and Anger, And also Spirit energy. His powers are vastly more powerful than Vaatu, He shot out Dark Red Energy Blasts that are vastly powerful, also he can physically attack.

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