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Dragons firebending
Dragon Corp
General information

Dragon Commanders, Grand Marshals

Notable members

Alov, Toz, Lira

  • Onyx Dragon (Dust Dragon)
  • Dark Dragon (Sea Dragons)
  • Black Dragon (Sky Dragons)

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Fire Nation military


Special Forces and High Risk Missions

Dragon Corp

The Dragon Corp are the most elite fighting forces of the Fire Nation. Each branch of the Fire Nation military has a corp that deals with their specific functions and purposes.

The Dragon Corp were a new form of both and elite and honorary title. All 'Dragons' must be able to generate and redirect lightning. Their lightning must also pass the standards of the Dragon Commander to whom they report to or else be demoted. Each corp has a total of 33 'Dragons', including the Dragon Commander and two Dragon Lieutenants. This means a total of 99 'Dragons'.


All Dragon Corps adhere to the same hierarchy and chain of command:

- Grand Marshal- The Dragon Corp answers directly to the Grand Marshal of the branch they belong to. (i.e. The Sea Dragons answer to the Grand Marshal of the Navy).

- Dragon Commander- The leader of their respective Dragon Corp. A Dragon Commander is the most powerful and skilled leader within their corp. Dragon Commanders can choose their successors amongst their lieutenants.

- Dragon Lieutenant- Each corp has two lieutenants that answer to their commander. They are powerful and experienced but often younger than their commanders.

- Dragon Sergeant- Six of the Dragons are squad leaders called sergeants, they are Dragons with potential for leadership.

- Dragon- All Dragons without a command commission are called 'Dragons'.


Royal Procession

The Imperial Firebenders were always picked from to form the elite Dragons.

The Dragon Corp were a new group that came with the restructuring of the Fire Nation Military. The Onyx Dragon, grandson of Azula, became a military powerweight as Grand Marshal of the Army. He decided for an elite and small corp of firebenders. The first Dragon Corp was the Dust Dragons of the Army. The Dragons' leaders trained under actual dragons, earning their titles and training the most powerful soldiers in the Fire Nation. Many of the First Dragons came from the ranks of the Imperial Firebenders who served the Fire Lords.
Southern Raiders attacking

The Southern Raiders, once a prestigious force was reorganized into the Sea Dragons and underwent completely new training.

The Dark Dragon became Grand Marshal of the Navy and decided that an equivalent of the Dust Dragons was needed for marine warfare. He took Southern Raiders, once prestigious raiders, and added Dragon training and other technology of Water Tribe combat to make a powerful Marine force. The Sea Dragons truly reached their peak under Grand Marshal Alov, known as the Sea-Wolf. A firebender trained by both his firebending father and his waterbending mother in the South Pole. He became accustomed to water. He first joined the Sea Dragons, where his skill and leadership made him an admiral. He would become Grand Marshal later, but his effect on the Sea Dragons was instrumental in making them the elite marine force in the world. All Sea Dragons must generate lightning, redirect lightning, fire breath, and heat control.
Iroh pursues biplanes

Propelling through the air with firebending is key to a Sky Dragon's skills.

The Black Dragon made the next stage of changes when he became Grand Marshal of the Air Force and commissioned the Sky Dragons. He personally trained these Dragons in paramilitary combat. The Sky Dragons are directly influenced from the skills and philosophy of the Black Dragon himself. All Sky Dragons must generate lightning, redirect lightning, and fly/self-propulsion.

Known Members and Rank

  • Taron- Commander, Sky Dragons
  • Lira- Lieutenant, Sky Dragons
  • Seyyah- Lieutenant, Sky Dragons
  • Alov- Commander, Sea Dragons (formerly)
  • Razul- Commander, Dust Dragons
  • Toz- Commander, Dust Dragons (formerly)


-Dust Dragons: The Dust Dragons wear blood red with smoke grey for their uniform colors. Their emblem is a red dragon coiling on a grey field. The colors are also reminiscent of the Imperial Firebenders.

Southern Raiders flag

The Sea Ravens of the previous Southern Raiders is still honored through its being the center of their new banner.

-Sea Dragons: The Sea Dragons wear dark sapphire blue with blood red lining for uniforms. Their emblem is a mixture of the Southern Raiders and their new colors. They have the iconic sea raven on a blue background; a blue dragon wraps around this image.

Sky Dragon insignia

The Sky Dragon Insignia, in sketch form

-Sky Dragons: The Sky Dragons wear black with blood red for their uniform. Their emblem is a flying black dragon on a gold field breathing white flames.


Dragon armor is designed with the colors of the branch in mind and officers will have gold inlaid. Each set of armor has a special purpose to make the warrior more efficient for their environment.

  • Dust Dragons: Dust Dragon armor is light but strong, giving its members the ability to be agile while also take a punch. It is incredibly versatile, giving its user options in customization of equipment and tools necessary for a mission. Dust Dragon armor is reminiscent of the Imperial Firebender armor, particularly since it was from them they culled their first.
  • Sea Dragons: The Sea Dragons wear armor that has the ability to move efficiently in water and give the user the ability to breathe air by using an air tank. Sea Dragon armor streamlines swimming and transitioning between land and water.

    The default of any Dragon Armor before specialization.

  • Sky Dragons: The armor of the Sky Dragons is the most expensive and precious technology in the Air Force arsenal. It is a suit of armor that is airtight, and can withstand huge amounts of pressure and dangerous velocity. This is what gives the Sky Dragons the ability to Deadfall Drop from so far up they can't be seen. The alloy used is top secret while the fabric is a popular but rare one, Dragon Silk. The armor has a built-in air tank for air supply while jumping.

Dragon Helms are incredibly important.

  • Helms: Dragon helmets are specifically adapted for each environment, but all have the capacity to have built-in air supply connecting to the back. This is important, especially for both Sea Dragons and Sky Dragons, who operate often in areas with little to no air to breathe. Dust Dragons still maintain this function in case of chemical warfare or smoke, which is still common in operations.


  • Rishu is not formally a 'Dragon' of the corp, but as the Black Dragon, most recognize his power and the fact that as Grand Marshal he created the Sky Dragons and trained them into the paratroopers they are. As such, he is an honorary member and is the hundredth 'Dragon'.
  • The title Dragon is incredibly important in the Fire Nation and anyone who has the title is honored greatly.
  • All the Dragon armor in design look alike, it is mainly the color schemes that differentiates them.
  • In the near future, someone will be given a special set of Dragon armor that will have green instead of Fire Nation Red.

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