Downhill Trudge to Pohan Village
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The Road that Never Ends





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September 3, 2011

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Tea on the Hillside

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A Day On the Town

Setting: West Coast of Earth Kingdom; coniferous forests; small villages

Heading: Northeast

Time: 6:40 AM

Lee walked slowly down the dangerously steep hill, him carrying the sleeping bags, Mako carrying the tea kit. The sky was still that odd yellow-orange, but the sun was up completely. Even so, it was very cold for a mid-summer's day and Mako was nearly shivering. "Can I Firebend here?" Mako whined in his usual tone, "How much longer do I have to walk? Or can you give me a ride again?"

"Sorry to say it, but you've gotta walk for another hour. Ya see how steep this hill is? If I put you on my back, carry these sleeping bags and the tea kit, us and everything else will go tumbling down to death. And who wants that?"

There was a long, awkward silence between the two after Lee's slightly intimidating answer to an eleven-year-old's question. I wonder what he's angry at now, Mako thought as he looked up at his brother. He just lit up his pipe again. That's twice in one hour.

While Mako pondered his brother's frightening outburst, Lee thought only of Mako. What was I thinking? Lee thought nervously as he glanced down at his brother, How am I supposed to take care of this kid? I'm not his dad! But I don't want our dad to be his dad.... Isn't that why I did this? He won't want to live there when he finds out about the Fire Nation's plans.... Will he?

Lee knew his next question was going to be big, but he needed to know the answer before he went any further. "Mako?"


"What do you think of..." Lee looked around cautiously, as though there would be someone else trekking down the huge hill at 7:30 AM. "What do you think of the Fire Nation?"

Mako stared up at his brother, wondering what that question meant. Lee realized too late that a question so deep might not be able to be answered by a kid, but Mako managed to come up with something. "Um... I like it how we're growing," Mako squeaked out, looking to his feet, "with the Colonies and all, and I like it that the other nations are going along with it just fine-"

Lee stopped listening right then and there. Fire Lord propaganda, he thought smugly as he lit his pipe again. I guess I should've thought of that. I guess I'll have to teach him what we really are.

"Mako, the Fire Nation plans for world domination," Lee said hesitantly, not bothering to look at him, "and... and the other nations aren't going along with it."

Mako laughed. Lee looked down in horror as his little brother laughed at such a terribly serious statement. Mako thought that Lee was telling a joke. "Of course they're going along with it," Mako said, still chuckling, "Dad said so."

Lee stopped walking, hung his head and thought about his father. I told him not to tell Mako those kinds of things, Lee thought coldly while wringing his hands, He's such a trusting child. Although I suppose he should believe what his dad says. Maybe I should, too?

Mako heard Lee drop the sleeping bags. He turned around to see him wringing his hands and thought of one thing. He must be cold.

I should've thought of what Mako wanted before taking him away from his whole life. I shouldn't have been so selfish. I guess I have to take him home.

Mako put down the tea kit and walked a few steps back up the hill. He wrapped his hands around his brother's and warmed them with his Firebending. "What are you doing?" Lee asked curiously as he looked down at his hands.

"I saw you wringing you're hands. You were cold, right?"

Lee looked down at his thoughtful, wonderful, loving little brother and knew he couldn't give up on him just yet. "Yeah," Lee answered as casually as he could muster, "Yeah, I was cold."

"Come on, we've finally gotten off that giant hill!" Lee looked up and saw a path through the woods that would lead them to Pohan Village. He then picked up the sleeping bags and started walking ahead of Mako again.

"That was no hill," Lee said cheerfully as he began on the path, "It was a mountain. Come on, we're almost there."

Mako stood there at the bottom of the mountain and looked to his brother, who had finally put away his pipe. He then picked up the tea kit and continued on his way.

While Lee and Mako were walking down the mountain, an Airbender from the Western Temple name Yin rode above it on her Flying Bison. She had just turned eighteen and was finally ready to travel the world on her own, to live her own life. Her first destination: Pohan Village.


  • I hope I made it obvious that Yin will be of major importance to the story.
  • You'll notice that this chapter is extremely short; the next one will, likely, be extremely long.

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