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I Am the Solution


Part Three - The End



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August 18, 2015

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You Lose

Iesen was lying on the shore just half awake, eyes closed, and realized that she was still alive.

She opened her eyes and glanced at the person lying next to her. The young woman was coughing out water, shaking from the shock and cold, her clothes and hair soaked with water. The port was empty and peaceful like there wasn't a battle there just fifteen minutes ago.

Iesen's vision was a bit blurry, and she forced herself into the sitting position, taking the mask off her face and throwing it away. The Resistance took us by surprise, she recalled. We were outnumbered.

Yes, she remembered it clearly now, it was just half an hour ago after all, she was patrolling with just a handful of other Equalists when a group of rebels ambushed them, with rage and hunger for revenge in their eyes.

She jumped right into the battle, slipping the electrified glove on her hand and answering to the fire, earth, and water with electricity, and who knows how much of them fell to the ground unconscious after a precise hit in the chest with the small yet powerful weapon.

Though they were in a minority, Equalists were organized and durable, and their opponents were just a group of reckless, desperate people avenging their families, friends, or their own bending, and the Equalists were winning.

Iesen remembered fighting with an exceptionally persistent firebender, a tall, muscular man with bushy black hair who tried to take her by surprise. Iesen dodged away in the last moment, trying to hit the man with her glove, but he grabbed her wrist and pinned her against the wall. Iesen already thought that a jet of fire or a lightning would be the last thing she would ever see, but she saw a chance as the man backed away to strike and hit him in the stomach with her leg, breaking her hand free and landing a few hits to the man's chest until he didn't move anymore.

But as he fell, he pulled her down with him, and Iesen fell down hard to the concrete, landing on her free arm and hearing a loud snap and a twinge of pain passing from her fingertips to her shoulder like a lightning. After a quick glance, she concluded that it was broken.

She felt a rush of panic. With an injured arm, she was an easy target for any attacker, even the most unfit one. She forced herself up, trying to blend in the shadows of the factory walls, but then she heard the explosion.

Someone probably activated a hand bomb, a flash of light broke trough the darkness, and she winched at the sight of a completely burned body falling down into the black water and the sound of screams of the injured filling the air.

Both the attackers and the attacked started to retreat, Equalists slipping away into the shadows and benders running away shouting and cursing.

But Iesen stood rooted on the shore, her eyes fixed on the sight below.

A person was sinking down trough the water, eyes closed and mouth opened, evidently drowning but too weak or too shocked to swim out. Not an Equalist, a woman with long, black hair, but she was sinking deeper and deeper in seconds, and Iesen was losing sight of her. Iesen stood rooted on the shore, her eyes fixed on the person dying.

What happened in Iesen's head lasted only moments, but it seemed like hours to her.

The girl was sinking down trough the water.

Iesen's mother was laying dead on the ice.

The girl was sinking down trough the water.

Iesen's father was laying dead, his hand still gripping his wife's.

The girl was sinking down trough the water.

Iesen's uncle was found pinned to the ground with a spear, dried blood covering him.

The girl was sinking down trough the water.

Iesen was killing the firebender with her own hand, with the same glove she held in her hand, his eyes widening as his heart stopped.

Girl. Mother. Father. Firebender. They were all the same person now.

Iesen was losing sight of the girl.

And Iesen threw the glove away from her as far as she could, like it burned her, and she jumped into the water after the drowning woman, and she felt the water closing around her, and she felt like she was buried alive, blindly searching for an arm or a leg to pull the person out. She forced herself to open her eyes, and the water stung them like needles, and she saw nothing but black.

But she spotted a silhouette only few strokes away from her, and she forced herself deeper down, though pain flashed trough her broken arm, and felt her lungs long for the oxygen.

She wrapped her healthy arm around the woman's torso and pushed herself up with panicked strokes, but the edges of her field of view were going black, her whole body was screaming for air, but she kept kicking even after she couldn't move her arm anymore.

Until she finally broke the surface. She took the air greedily, feeling the exhaustion overflowing her. The girl she saved was still unconscious, though Iesen felt her taking an intake of air and then coughing out a small amount of water.

She swam the last few meters, falling down on the dirty pebbles of the shore, dropping the girl who was now coughing out more and more water next to her and let the unconsciousness take her over.

That was what happened, she recalled, watching the person next to her regain consciousness. The girl sat up and hugged her knees, coughing.

"Are you alright?" Iesen asked quietly. Now under the better light, Iesen could see that the girl was around her age, maybe two or three years older than her. She had black hair and bright green eyes that were at the moment huge with shock.

She nodded and coughed again.

"What happened?" the girl spoke for the first time, her voice very quiet.

"I think you were thrown into the water by the explosion or pushed by someone else, I'm not sure," Iesen answered, avoiding the girl's gaze.

"Thank you. I'd never thought that the Equalists had mercy for others," she muttered more for herself.

"It wasn't mercy. It was- long story," Iesen said, staring into the sea.

"I had to do it. He took everything from me," the girl said out of nowhere, in an unusually apologizing tone.

Iesen said nothing.

"I used to be an earthbender, you know. Part of the metalbending forces. One of the best," she continued, a hint of her former pride in her voice.

Iesen turned her head to her for the first time.

"But he took my bending. I lost my job. It felt horrible. Like I've lost my eyes and became blind, it's like you know how it feels to see, but you can't. You can't see anymore, you can't hear anymore, you can't feel anymore. You're just empty."

Iesen nodded but said nothing.

"Why did you joined the Equalists?" the former earthbender asked, turning her head to Iesen.

"Lots of reasons," Iesen answered shortly.

"Alright." The girl turned her head back to the sea.

"My mom and dad. They killed my mom and dad," Iesen said unwillingly, her tone becoming colder and flat.

"I'm sorry," the girl said, but from her tone, it was easy to tell that she didn't see that as a reason to join the Equalists.

"I'm Haki, by the way," she added.

"Iesen," Iesen replied, unsuccessfully trying to move her arm.

"Thank you, Iesen. I'll make sure to repay to you someday," Haki said, getting up on her feet and shaking the water out of her hair.

"No need to," Iesen said quietly. She didn't see how this girl could ever do something for her, but she decided not to argue.

"Goodbye, Iesen." Haki made her way back to the city, getting lost in the darkness.

"Goodbye," Iesen replied more for herself, sitting there on the shore, wrapped up in her black coat.

Talking to someone whom you see as an enemy could shake you more than you realized.

It was already completely dark when Iesen returned to the headquarters, her footsteps echoed in the empty hallways of the familiar building.

She was supporting her broken arm with the other one, the pain was getting stronger, and Iesen was exhausted.

She pushed the doors of the meeting room to take a better look at her arm alone, but when she walked in, someone was already there. Amon was leaning against the wall, almost as he was waiting for her. He wasn't wearing his mask, and his clean, scar-less face was a reminder of his lies to Iesen.

"This is a weird time to come home, Iesen. What happened?" he said with a smirk.

"Nothing," Iesen hissed, sitting down to the table holding her painful arm.

Amon raised his eyebrow. "You're hurt."

"I know. Do we have some bandages?" Iesen interrupted him coldly.

Amon shook his head. "Let me do it."

"No," Iesen said, maybe a bit louder than she intended, her voice echoing in the small room.

"Come on, Iesen. You can't fight with a broken arm," he smiled at her, trying to meet his gaze.

"I said no," Iesen repeated.

"Don't you trust me?" He sat down few seats away from her as he usually did.

"No. Not one bit," she said, giving Amon a cold look.

"It will only last a second," Amon said, taking a glass of water from the sink and putting it down to the table.

"I would rather fight with one hand," Iesen said, wrapping her hand into her coat.

"Come on, Iesen, give me your hand," he said, seemingly amused with Iesen's behavior.

Iesen gave him another killer look but still extended her arm on the table, letting Amon sit down next to her and bend the content of the glass over her arm, moving his hands above it until the water started glowing blue. A warm and comfortable feeling spread trough her arm, and the pain started to ease up.

Amon finished the healing session and returned the water back into the glass. Iesen moved her completely flexible arm.

"A thank you would be nice," he said, watching Iesen get up.

"Thank you for what?" Iesen said, turning around.

"I know that what I did was horrible, but I thought that you forgave me," Amon lowered his voice, following Iesen out of the hall.

"I didn't forgive you for you, Amon, you should know that. I forgave you because Tarrlok asked me to, not because you deserve it. You didn't deserve it. You didn't deserve to be a bender, you didn't deserve anyone to follow you, you didn't deserve a family, and you didn't deserve anyone to care about you. You know, if we win this revolution, and we already did, I feel sorry for the world under your control," Iesen said, for the first time, her eyes meeting Amon's until he looked down. "I thought so. Goodnight, Amon." She made her way to her room.

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