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Biographical information
Birth place

Somewhere near Gao Lin


Redwall Orphanage




404 AG

Physical description




Hair color

Light brown

Eye color

Pale blue

Personal information
Bending style(s)



Abandoned at Redwall Orphanage, family uknown


Sedgley, Erik, Anurna, Miko, Mother Leliita, Dianne


The Clandestines, McKay, Diego

Chronological and political information

Perhaps the Avatar

First appearance

Chapter 1: The Orphanange

Dover is one of the main protagonists of Avatar: Neo Revolution and is quite possibly the Waterbending Avatar to succeed Avatar Lyn.


Early Life

Part of the 'Waterbabies' generation, he was among many of the Waterbending children abandoned following the death of Avatar Lyn. He was left at Redwall Orphanage and raised by Mother Leliita, Dianne and the other nuns. Here he developed a strong, almost brother-like bond with Sedgley and Erik. In order to help protect Dover, Mother Leliita changed his birth certificate so it was documented that he was born in 403 AG.

It was revealed by Erik that when they were young, Dover and Sedgley wandered over the moors surrounding Redwall looking to feed a beagle-bear. When the animal attacked, Erik stepped in and threw a leg of ham to distract it and they could escape safely. Dover, Sedgley and Erik have been best friends ever since.

Journey to Haven

In 421 AG, when he was seventeen, Dover - along with Sedgley and Erik - found out that either he or Sedgley was to be the next Waterbending Avatar, to succeed Avatar Lyn. Following Mother Leliita's dying wishes, the three began their descent to Gao Lin.

Dover leaving Redwall.

It was here that they had their first real fight and met Anurna, a firebender who joined them on their quest. Anurna helped them get out of Gao Lin through the illegal Gao Lin Tunnel. On their way to Chan Dai, Dover met a family from the Northern Water Tribe. Hungry to learn more about his heritage, he questioned them for information and, after proving himself during a flash blizzard, even received a traditional albatross feather from Galen to encourage freedom.

Upon arrival in a town called Chan Dai he and his friends discovered that the town was being run by a criminal gang called The Bloody Knuckles. He and Sedgley quickly found their secret hideout and planned on stealing back Hu's waterbending scrolls from them, when they were both captured and quickly brought to Alphonse - the leader of the gang. Alphonse threatened to send them to the Clandestines, yet Dover offered himself up and was later tortured - receiving a long scar down his torso. With the help of Sedgley, Anurna and Erik, Dover was able to escape their hideout and leave Chan Dai safely.

After leaving Chan Dai, Dover and company entered the Maderian forest, where they were attacked by an angry bat and separated. It was when he was by himself in the woods that Dover had a hallucination of Alphonse, McKay and Diego torturing him again. This revealed how distraught and traumatised he was from Chan Dai. Sedgley eventually ran into him and the visions disappeared, not long before they heard a gunshot of which they presumed was Erik's gun. They ran towards the sound but were captured by Yuka and his men, then taken to the chief of Maderia as prisoners along with the others. It was in Maderia where Chief Aran agreed to help teach him and Sedgley plantbending. After practicing for days with no avail, he and Sedgley ventured back into the forest to connect with nature.

After living in the forest for almost a week, Sedgley showed Dover that the Maderia's Mother Tree was on fire, and they agreed to go help the city instead of resuming their training. After getting to the city and meeting up with Erik and Anurna, Dover and the others decided that it was best to leave the city for the Avatar's safety. Following a brief encounter with Livia, Dover witnessed Yuka's death at the hands of the Clandestine general, Miss Zaida. In a fight with her and her troops, Dover managed to plantbend, saving Anurna from a lethal earthbending attack and escaping the city unharmed.

When Sedgley snuck away from their campsite in the forest, Dover noticed and followed him, eventually being caught by Sedgley. When an argument ensued about their feelings and the identity of the Avatar, causing the criminals Sedgley was after to wake up, they were attacked. Dover defended himself, not attacking the thugs like Sedgley was. When Sedgley learnt of their illegal drugs operation, Dover helped him to destroy the plants. During the brawl, Sedgley was hit with a poison dart, but they managed to leave relatively unharmed when the criminals fled after a bullet (shot by Erik accidentally) came out of the forest. Soon after, they left their campsite and entered the Wasteland.
Dover in wasteland

Dover enters the Wasteland for the first time.

When Sedgley collapsed in the Wasteland due to the poison in his bloodstream, Dover helped Anurna carry the boy while they all searched for plant that they could make a remedy out of. When they eventually found the plant, Dover and Anurna went into battle and won against a scorpion-snake that was guarding it. They made the potion, yet it seemed to have no effect on Sedgley's health. They continued walking for hours, finally collapsing in exhaustion and passing out before being found by men from the Hebikumo Tribe and taken to their campsite. Dover woke up to find himself in Sheker's tent with his friends, who were well. Sheker explained what had happened and led them into the healing hut where Sedgley was being tended to. On their way to the hut though, he found out that the dead scorpion-snake - the one they had killed - was a bad omen for the Hebikumo people. When in the hut, he agreed to let Sheker thrust Sedgley into the Spirit World to help him recover his inner demons and later that night, after Sheker had warded off bad luck with her Song of the Spirits, he joined Erik and Anurna as Sheker led them away from the campfire ceremony. Whilst away, and while trying to connect to their own spirituality, Erik revealed that they were responsible for killing the scorpion-snake, and Sheker told them they had to leave as soon as Sedgley was better. Later that night, much to Dover's delight, Sedgley woke up, apparently healed.


Dover is described by Mother Leliita as, "while not as fierce a fighter as Sedgley, grew into a gentler persona, with softer attributes such as patience and attentive helpfulness..." Dover enjoys observing and interacting with Nature, becoming overjoyed when introduced to Anurna's Squirrel-glider, Miko.

He believes in honour and upholding the Avatar tradition of being courageous and selfless, and also is very trustful - putting all his faith with Anurna having only just met. Though usually mild, the possibility of being the Avatar has made him a little edgy towards Sedgley, snapping occasionally and becoming jealous of the latter's bending abilities.

Dover can be quite pensive and respectful when it comes to receiving new knowledge. He is very interested in his culture and where he's come from. He is known to put others before him, evident when he sacrificed himself instead of Sedgley to receive punishment from Alphonse.



Though not as fierce a fighter as Sedgley, Dover is a fairly competent waterbender - skilled in performing various liquid-based attacks and able to change the physical state of water into ice. He stores most of his water in a skin, shared by himself and Sedgley, and uses it mostly to create tendrils and whips of water but is also able to manipulate the volume of this water and utilise wave-like attacks. As his waterbending skills developed, he has been able to perform a number of impressive feats, including opening a waterfall and keeping rain and snow from falling on him so as to stay dry. After meeting Galen, his skills improved dramatically, allowing him to bend water without physically seeing it and shifting water between its liquid and gaseous forms with ease.

Following his training with Aran, Dover was able to pull water out of grass and trees and use it as normal water. He was highly proficient at this skill (which would ultimately lead to him mastering plantbending), able to pull water out of trees and freeze enemies in it, or make steps out of the ice. He was also able to push himself up from a fall using this technique, which again displays his proficiency.


Dover, after rigorous training with Maderia's chief Aran, was able to plantbend, tearing a piece of wood from the floor and wrapping Miss Zaida in it like a blanket. He was also able bend tree branches to carry him and his friends down from Maderia's canopy to the forest floor.

Particularly in highly vegetated areas, Dover is a very adept plantbender. He was able to cause moss to swell up and act as a wave, pushing enemies back. He is also able to cause grass to grow en masse, ensnaring enemies.


Dover and Sedgley practised their hand-to-hand combat at Redwall and have developed better hand-to-hand combat as their journey progressed. Dover has become adept at avoiding attacks and trips enemies over, but will use offensive techniques if need be.


  • 'Dover' is Welsh for water
  • The writer always wanted to write for a waterbending Avatar, but then The Legend of Korra came out and he had to set it four generations later.

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