Asami confronting Mako
Double Trouble
Fear is something we all have
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The Legend of Korra series end

Double Trouble is my entry for the 10th round of the fanon contest by the Fanonbenders. I hope you enjoy it! This is the first time I wrote this kind of stuff. Hope you don't think it is that horrible!


Asami can't coup with the pressure, guilt and fear anymore. Her best friends need to pay the price.



Warning: This story contains forms of Masami, Makorra and Korrasami. However, the end result will not be so pleasant. So if you are a heavy Masami, Makorra or Korrasami shipper, DON'T READ THIS ONE-SHOT! Thank you in advance! Also, Korra and Asami are OOC (Out of character). Just saying.

For everybody else, enjoy this one-shot!


I used to recognize myself

It's funny how reflections change

When we're becoming something else

I think it's time to walk away

Part of the lyrics of 'Let It Go' by 'James Bay'.

Double Trouble

She sat there, alone. Everybody else left over an hour ago, and she was the only one left. She looked over her shoulder, got up and went towards the two graves. She stood before them, and crouched, on what would be hearing distance of the two dead people. She closed her eyes, and spoke with such a voice that it sounded sweet and innocent, but the message was dark, and anything but sweetness was in that one line that made her feel better despite the loss:

"I regret.....nothing."

That said, she stood straight, turned around and walked away with a slight smirk on her face. Her day was good again.

He stood in front of her, crouched like he would propose to her. However, he didn't propose to her. Instead, the total opposite of proposal was about to happen.

"Mako, this cannot go on. I enjoyed the time I spend with you, but people are going to find out! Korra asked this morning if I was seeing someone else besides her, and I almost gave in to the pressure. I saved my ass with a cheesy line and a kiss, but it was close. I can't keep this up Mako; the pressure, lying, cheating on Korra, sneaking out at night. I just can't!"

"Don't worry Asami, everything will work out. You just need to figure--" Mako started, but he got cut off by a now screaming Asami.

"NO MAKO! I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!" She yelled, and kicked a small table. The table flew with such a force across the room that it shattered in a thousand pieces. She looked furiously around the room, and then to Mako. All he did was look back at her, his bright red eyes penetrating hers. She knew that it had to stop right here and now. Their secret affair had been going on for about three weeks, the first few days she didn't feel different, but after a week guilt and pressure were building up inside her. She could keep the two down, but after the second week it became harder by the day that she was with Korra. She started to sense the disturbance in Asami, and she began asking questions; innocent questions at the start, but they changed during the week into straight forward questions that increased Asami's guilt and pressure. These questions made her feel miserable, and Mako sadly had to pay the price. She knew that it had to stop right here and now. She knew it and she would do it.

The room was badly lit by a lantern and only a couch, a small table with a book and a pair of gloves on it and a bed were present in the room. The table lay broken next to the small door in Asami's huge mansion; the room was like a storage closet, so small was it. Nobody knew that this room was in her mansion, even Korra didn't know. Only Asami and Mako. Asami, the CEO of Future Industries and Mako, the former captain of the Fire Ferrets, a detective and former bodyguard. She walked towards the gloves and putted them on, her back towards Mako. Mako didn't know what was going on, and asked with a cocked eyebrow:

"What are you doing, Asami?"

When she didn't respond, he went to her and saw that she had tears in her eyes. They hadn't left her eyes yet, and she had a worried look on her face.

"Asami, what's wrong? Why do you have to cry?" he asked, his face changing from a calm to a worried one within a second.

"Forgive me, Mako." she whispered, and before he could answer she put the gloves on his chest. He couldn't believe what she was doing until it was over. He felt a shocking feeling, and after that, nothing. He hovered in the air, but he couldn't see anything. No colour, no figures, no faces, nothing. It was black before his eyes, and it would stay there for at least two days. He didn't know where he was, but he would find out soon.

She saw his lifeless body laying on the ground, and she allowed the tears to roll from her eyes. All his love he put in her, gone. All his hours that he spend with her, gone. His touch, his mind, everything that she had from him, gone. Gone like autumn leaves of an oak tree that ride the wind and go forth towards the road that once ends. It can be long or short, but it will end. And like that, Mako's road on this world ended. No coming back. No retries. No start overs. The End, and only the End.

Asami decided that she would leave Mako here until the other job was finished, and she sat down on the bed. Oh, the bed. She remembered how she and Mako used to make out on this bed. How she and Mako had sex on this bed. She shivered lightly and tears were released, again. She dug in her memory and remembered all those times she took off Mako's clothes and he did the same with her. That Mako started kissing her neck, and that he entered her. That he thrust back and forth within her, and that she enjoyed the feeling. Oh, how she enjoyed the feeling, but that was now all behind her. However, she had a moment of regret.

Did Mako really deserve the fate of death because of her feelings and pressure? Did he needed to suffer because of her? Was it worth death?

Yes, it was worth death. We didn't have a real relationship, we were just..friends with benefits! she said to herself, hoping that the regret, guilt and pressure would go away, but they all came back to her. She had still one thing to take care of, and that would be her largest problem to date; she had to face Korra.

When she stepped out of her hotrod and walked towards Korra's apartment, she didn't know exactly what to do. She feared the results of telling Korra. Would she go in the Avatar state? Would she kill her? Would she leave? Many outcomes came into Asami's mind while she reached the door and opened it. It wasn't locked, which didn't surprise Asami. It meant that the chance Korra was home became bigger. She shouted: "I'M HOME!" and she heard a muffled "Coming!". Hearing this came like a wave of relief and pressure and crashed down on Asami. She was relieved that Korra was home, but also felt pressure since she had to do it. She heard some stumbling and Korra came out of her bedroom, her face blushing a little and with hands behind her back.

"Hey, didn't expect you to come home this early, hehe...." Korra said, while blushing harder.

"What were you doing?" Asami asked with a demanding tone.

"Nothing, nothing!" Korra replied with a nervous tone. Everyone who can recognize shame could sense that she was caught doing something. That something was probably dirty.

"Okay, I believe you," Asami said, with a forgiving tone while trying to hide the guilt and pressure.

"Really?" Korra asked, slightly confused. Normally, Asami wouldn't be such a subject dropper, but now she was. This triggered Korra, since people don't act normal when they feel different.

"Really. Listen, I need to tell you something," Asami said, while sitting down on her couch. The pressure was rising quickly inside her.

"Okay, what's up?" Korra asked, being curious and on guard. She heard some rumors that Mako and Asami were seeing each other, but she wasn't sure. She positioned herself on the couch next to Asami.

"I was with Mako today..." She started, the pressure in her was like a kettle, almost ready to whistle.

"Yeah, go on..." Korra said, her suspicions growing with every line she said.

"Korra, I-" Asami started, but the pressure took over her mouth. "-HAD A RELATIONSHIP WITH MAKO!"

"I KNEW IT! I KNEW THAT YOU WERE SEEING SOMEONE!" Korra shouted, making Asami's eyes well up with tears.

"There is something else..." she said while tears were falling down on the carpet.

"What?" Korra asked, trying to sound calm whilst so much anger was starting to form inside her. It gave the question a sarcastic tone, that specific tone that somebody uses when they don't want to be bothered. That tone.

"I...killed Mako." Asami said quietly. Korra froze right then and there. All her anger was replaced by another emotion, growing quicker with the second. That emotion was grief. She looked at Asami, and tears were forming in her eyes. She let them go free. No point to hold back. That reminded her of something. Now that she wasn't holding back, she also had to say something to Asami. She was still angry though.

"Asami, I also have to say something," Korra said, sniffing a bit after she dried her tears.

"What?" she asked, curious what she was going to say except: "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" or "YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE!"

"I also had a relationship with Mako." Korra said. Now it was Asami's turn to freeze. Any pressure she had was now gone, and two emotions replaced that: anger and grief. Not only did she end one relationship, now she ended two. She felt bad for Korra, because not only did she kill one of her friends, she also killed a lover. If the relationship was loving, that is. The guilt was still there, and her anger level was rising. But after she thought for a while, the anger died down again. She would become angry that Korra and Mako had a secret relationship, but it didn't help to get angry about that. Besides, she did the same thing. She did feel guilty about killing Mako, but even more guilty about what she was going to do with Korra. There was an uneasy silence between them that lasted for a minute, but felt for both women like an eternity.

Korra was the one breaking the deadly silence. "Asami, why did you do it? Why did you kill.....Mako?"

When she said his name, she had tears again in her eyes, and they were wanting to get out so bad! They were like a dam that was full of water but the pressure was too high and it would break any second. It only needed a touch of a little leaf, and it would break. The touch of the little leaf was in this case Asami's answer.

"I.......don't know," she replied, and the tears broke free from Korra's grasp. She started to cry silently, her tears staining the carpet of her apartment. Asami tried to comfort her by hugging her, but she pushed her away and put her legs up to her chest while crying. Asami stood up and walked behind the couch to hug her. She took something out her pocket, while reaching for the crying Avatar.

Now or never, she thought and hugged Korra.

"Shhhh...shhh..shhhh. It will only take a second," she said while calming her down. However, she rose the object she took out of her pocket in the air.

"What do you mea-AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Korra screamed, and she reached to the spot where Asami stabbed her. The knife was still in it, and blood was already spilling down from her neck on the carpet. Before she could take the knife out, Asami added more pressure to the knife, and Korra felt all the air leave her lungs. She tried to scream, but she couldn't. Tried to move; couldn't. Tried to think; couldn't. She tried to do anything, but couldn't. She was killed by her best friend and former lover, who was now panting heavily and had tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry, but they couldn't know. It is done."

With that, she left her apartment and quickly left the scene in her hotrod.

Now, why would Asami do this? Why would she kill her two best friends (one being the Avatar)? Because she wanted revenge? Money? No, none of those things. She did all this stuff because of one emotion; the emotion that everybody has, and everybody hates: fear. Fear is often the strongest emotion of all, and it makes people do stuff that they normally wouldn't do. Such as killing. But why fear? What did Asami fear? She feared the fact that her secret relationship with Mako was found out. Also, she feared that her image, the image of Future Industries was ruined but most of all, she feared that the world wouldn't accept her sexual orientation. Because being lesbian (or gay in general) isn't something that people praise, or think is normal. I am not saying that this applies to everywhere on the globe. It's in most countries. Fear of the unknown is (according to me) the most powerful form of fear. In other words, fear of the unknown is prejudice. Using prejudice makes you close-minded. When you don't use prejudice, and don't expect anything, you will be far more open-minded.

What my point is here, and the point of this whole one-shot, is that people fear a lot. A big thing people nowadays fear (especially in the US) is homosexuality. People think that homosexuality isn't allowed, even though they don't know truly what homosexuality is. I am trying to let you think about homosexuality, and why people think it is weird. It is not. It is an illusion that homosexuals are not human. I am writing this for every homo in the world: People that know they are homosexual, people that don't know and people that know but oppress their feelings and true sexual orientation.

I hope that you can see what fear does to people; fictional or not. People are just people, even in made-up universes. They are all the same. We are all the same.

We are ALL the same!

She sat alone in her home, and it was quiet. Too quiet. Since all the tragedy happened yesterday, she wanted to make some fun. So, she grabbed her address book and started looking for a certain number. When she found it, she grabbed her telephone and called the number. The phone was answered by a sad voice.

"Yes?" he said, without showing emotion.

"Hey Bolin, do you want to have some fun?" Asami said, in a peptalking voice.

"Okay, could you pick me up at Air Temple Island?" he replied, getting happier by the sound of 'fun'.

"Sure, see you in like....25 minutes?" she asked.

"Fine by me," he replied, getting hyper for the night that was before him.

"Okay, see you then!" she said.

"Bye!" he yelled, a little too loud then expected. He even surprised himself with his enthusiasm after his brother's funeral.

"Bye," she returned the three letter word. She hanged up and smiled.

"Round three, here I come!"

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