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Hollow Ichigo - Second Hollow Form
Dosh Rak
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Devil's Hand, Kagehito


Human, Nifrin

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Shadow Hill

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Ish Kash, Magic




Nifrin, Humans, Avatar

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The Dosh Rak is the name given to evil entities in Nifrin society. They have almost exclusively referred to those turned into evil beings by overuse of specific Ish Kash. Among humans, they were called Devil's Hand. In fact, they are a mutated form of Kagehito cast by Kurotama.


After the conclusion of the Spirit War in which the Ish Kash were made for, the weapons were now in the care of humanity's most powerful warriors. Some of the weapons were especially dangerous because of the negative powers they used.

Ichigo (Half Hollow)

Transformation of a Dosh Rak is painful and disgusting.

The first ever "Dosh Rak" came from the owner of the Black Soul, Kuro. Having been a renowned veteran of the war and an influential leader of armies, it wasn't until his change became physical that people realized just what he became.

The man soon was called the "Devil's Hand" as he went on a rampage of murder. Though he was defeated by Nifrin and Ish Kash wielders, fear of another rising was ever present.

Another did eventually rise, but from another weapon, the Thorn Cutter. As the weapon induces pain in order to heal its user of any wounds, it would progressively require more blood and life force as the wielder kept using it. The sword would then grow onto the wielder, turning them into a wooded demon. It was this second monster that brought true fear. This monster had all the knowledge and experience of the first Dosh Rak, using it to fight off any spell or tactic.

Defeated after a bloody battle, the Nifrin called them Dosh Rak after the human name of Devil's Hand and cursed their kind to madness.

List of Dosh Rak

Kuro: The first wielder of the Black Soul was the most powerful veteran of the First War and the first Dosh Rak to plague mankind. The first called itself Karath.

Lesun: The last known Dosh Rak to exist. Lesun was sadistic and cruel before he obtained the Thorn Cutter.


Dosh Rak are actually a mutated form of Kagehito. Kagehito are shadow demons created by the most dangerous magic; they hunt their victims relentlessly. Because of the unique nature of the caster being a spirit and the weapon protecting the victim being magical, the Kagehito accidently fused with the Ish Kash. As such, it bonded to the link all Ish Kash have with each other.

The Kagehito within the Ish Kash is able to then bond with the user who overuses or connects too deeply with the sword. It then manifests into a physical form that possesses the user. As a Dosh Rak, the Kagehito tries to fulfill its purpose.

Powers and Abilities

M7 Bleach Ch350 07-08

Dosh Rak were incredibly bestial, even in appearance.

The Dosh Rak were often humans turned into demonic creatures, but at least one Nifrin was known to turn into such a beast. Dosh Rak had all the potential powers of the Nifrin and a human. Dosh Rak could use magic to the same level as a witch and bending as a human.

The greatest power of the Dosh Rak lie in two things; its memories and its weapon.

  • The Dosh Rak would inherit all the memories of the last Dosh Rak that existed, giving them arcane knowledge and skills that they would otherwise lack. Dosh Rak often spoke cryptically and without sense, as if multiple Dosh Rak were trying to speak at once.
  • The Dosh Rak's powers originated from the Ish Kash they wielded and therefore was the most important source of power for the foul monsters. Dosh Rak from a Black Soul could mentally break the hearts of enemies, expanding on the sword's existing power. Dosh Rak from the Thorn Cutter could heal from almost any wound and even fight while impaled with a sword in their head, albeit impaired.

A minor but notable power of the Dosh Rak was their apparent ability to regenerate their wounds and recover quickly. Thorn Cutter-made Dosh Rak had this power amplified.



The greatest fear of the Nifrin and ancient humans was seeing two Dosh Rak at the same time.

In the history of the Dosh Rak, there have never been more than one alive at any time. This has been compared to the Avatar as the Dosh Rak shares the memories, experiences and powers of their predecessors and will often recall their memories in a distorted voice.

One of the greatest fears is the existence of two Dosh Rak at the same time. It was this very reason that hiding or destroying Ish Kash came despite the weapons' powers. Fortunately, there has never been two Dosh Rak at the same time, especially now that the Ish Kash are almost all missing or destroyed.


  • Users have to give in to the powers of the Ish Kash in order to become Dosh Rak.
  • There have never been two Dosh Rak at once at any point in time in history.
  • The Dosh Rak are not referred to as a race or group because they are often a single individual and share more similarities with the Avatar for its inherited powers and memories, albeit in a distorted form.
  • The Dosh Rak seemed to be a bastardized version of the Avatar, having the memories and tendencies of their predecessors, as well as their powers. The key difference is the harmony that Avatars have is not present. The Dosh Rak are struggling internally for control and have a disjointed mind.
  • The Dosh Rak are older than the Avatar, predating the era before bending.

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