Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Doppelganger: The Hundred Year War in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Sozin and his army
Doppelganger: The Hundred Year War
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Adventure, Drama





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August 10, 2013 - current






One hundred years before Team Avatar, Fire Lord Sozin declared war on the other three nations. With the power of the great comet, he began a war on three fronts that lasted one hundred years. This is the story of the Hundred Year War as experienced by a Fire Nation general, an airbending girl, and a wanderer that may have much more to do with the war that anybody realizes.


This story is a work-in-progress. I am constantly revamping my (subpar) writing and plot lines in order to fill in bits I miss with the story and canon. Anyway, to help my writing, if anybody noticed anything off or strange (most of this is NOT canon, but my intent is to be believably canonical), let me know and I will endeavor to change it ;~)

I would also LOVE any advice or ideas that people feel like imparting to me. I have my own ideas that I will use, and an entire story to complete, but I also love ideas that people come up with. No one person is perfect and I love a team effort <3Webdog177 (wallcontribs)


Book 1: Genocide of the Air Nomads

Book 2: ???

Book 2 Pending

Book 3: Doppelganger

Book 3 pending completion of other books

  • More chapters will be added as the story progresses


  • Characters will be added as the story progresses

Primary Characters

General Kozlon

A General of the Fire Nation. Graduated from the Royal Fire Nation Academy at a young age, and joined the military immediately afterward. Despite the inability to firebend, he rose through the ranks of the military, quickly becoming the youngest man ever to be given the title of "general".

Cool, collected, intelligent, but still has a compassionate side he only shows to his trusted associates.

Secondary Characters

Fire Lord Sozin

The leader of the Fire Nation. Once friends with Avatar Roku, had ambitions of spreading his nation's prosperity and fortune to the other nations of the world. Avatar Roku stopped him. After the Avatar's demise, he had since then been plotting on the best way to continue his plans of conquest.

Sayuka Huoken

Adviser to Fire Lord Sozin. Few people in the Fire Nation actually knew about her until Sozin revealed his plans of declaring war on the other nations of the world to his top military commanders.

Despite her attractive and youthful appearance, she has an intelligence and ruthlessness of a much older and experienced woman.

General Oron

Oldest soldier in the Fire Nation military. A skilled firebender and leader, Oron has the gift of charisma and wisdom. He has been a trusted leader in the army for sixty years before the Great Comet's arrival.

General Li

A general of the Fire Nation.

General Aizo

A general of the Fire Nation.

General Kenzo

A general of the Fire Nation. Twin brother to Enzo.

General Enzo

A general of the Fire Nation. Twin brother to Kenzo.


Sayuka's bodyguard.


Adviser to Sayuka.


Sayuka's escort.

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