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Don is a prisoner of Uluru in the fanon story Alone.

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Don was born in an earthbending colony in Galveston, Texas. When Don was 21, the colony was destroyed by the BDA. Instead of relocating to New Orleans, like most of the colony's survivors, he chose to leave to another colony in Tripoli, Libya. There he met Jane. The two dated for three years before being married.

Soon after their marriage, the colony was ravaged by the Axis Powers, under the orders of the Leader. Don and Jane were taken to a work camp in Poland. They lived there for four years before it was liberated by the Allies. Don and Jane moved back to Tripoli to re-establish the colony when they were taken by the BDA to Uluru. There, they have stayed for 45 years.

In 1996, the new Avatar was brought to the prison. The girl, named Leah, asked Don to train her in earthbending. For the first time since coming to the prison, Don came out of his cell block to train Leah. He spent the next four years training her in every aspect and technique of earthbending.

For Leah's sixteenth birthday, Don and Jane created an elaborate sculpture of Leah in the walls of the training courtyard. When Leah was granted a parole to Alice Springs, Don taught her two last techniques before she left; seismic sense and metalbending. Once she mastered the techniques, Don deemed her an earthbending master.

Weeks later, Leah came to Don and Jane in the training courtyard to thank them for all they had done for her. She also asked them how they've stood being in the prison for so long. Jane responded that with friends, anything was possible. Don remarked that without Jane, he never would've made it, and he hoped that he and Jane helped Leah. Leah thanked them and said goodbye. Don and Jane are currently still in the prison.


Don is a prideful and gentle man. He took Leah in as a student and took the time to instruct her in earthbending. Despite his pride about earthbending and his heritage, he was the first to admit that he never would've made it in the prison without his wife, Jane. After he was taken, he was so consumed by feelings of hurt and anger that he didn't leave his cell for 45 years.


Don is a master earthbender. He knows enough about the art that he was able to successfully teach Leah every aspect of Earthbending. He is adept at earth tents, seismic sense, and quicksand. He is also good at rendering details in earth. Together with Jane, he created a sculpture in Leah's likeness for her birthday.

Although he's never had the chance, he knows the basics of metalbending and is able to teach them to others.


Book 1: Glass


  • Don and Jane were named after the author's grandparents.

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