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Dom is an important character in the fanon Born This Way written by ExplosionsHurtPeople. He is the parental figure of the orphaned Audrick.

Preview: Dom has taught the ways of airbending for as long as he can remember. Fueled by his desire to keep his way of life from dying out, he does everything in his power to get his students the knowledge they need to prepare themselves for the cruel world that sits outside the monastery's walls. He is reluctant to teach Audrick, for Audrick can never master Airbending... But later, Dom learns that this student has the power to save them all from the Fire Nation.


Master of Airbending

Spiritual Advisor

Sword Master

Great Leader

Appearance; Dom is middle aged, not very old compared to other Airbending Masters. He was born in the Earth Kingdom within a small colony of airbenders that relocated to the mainland when the Earth Kingdom city of Ba Sing Se defied Air Nomad teaching. He has an elaborate tattoo and a shaved head and no facial hair. He is rather tall.

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