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Dol Mordath is the ancient region home to the Fortress of The First and the Storm Grave. It is east of the Northern Air Temple. When the First and his small army of stormbenders began a war to take over the world, they ruled their empire from Dol Mordath off the coast of the Iar Sea. It is considered haunted.

The Fortress of the First

Eastern Air Temple tower

The ancient Fortress of Dol Mordath lies in ruin to this day as none dare to occupy it.

This old fortress is the main landmark of the region. The Fortress of Dol Mordath was a dark place holding the largest congregation of stormbenders. As such, the land was permanently affected. There were eternal storms in the skies and the land was abandoned by humans. Dol Mordath was witness to unspeakable crimes as the First waged his war not only for world domination but to kill any others like him that weren't allied with him.

The Storm Grave


The Iar Sea is plagued by a constant storm that deters visitors from the seas.

The land known as the Storm Grave is immediately east of the Fortress and is a grave to thirteen dead warriors. The principle tomb and marker is the hill that holds the remains of the Avatar. Twelve other graves dot the landscape in an unsteady path back to the Fortress.

The Iar Sea

Eastern Air Temple waterfall

The waterfall that led to the Iar Sea, the dead of the Fortress were supposedly dumped from here.

The Iar Sea is the coast of Dol Mordath and is subject to constant storms, like the skies. No ship braves the Iar Sea for fears of monsters and other things. There was a great waterfall beneath the Fortress of the First that led directly into the sea. Rumor is the dead of the Fortress were thrown into the sea and they still wait to take revenge; dragging down anyone who should fall into the water to join them.


Dol Mordath was home to a land of great people who traded and prospered. It was here that an energybender became the first stormbender known as The First. Centuries of prosperity followed as the First guided the land. But as time passed the First changed and he began a council of stormbenders to rule the entire continent; they joined him and their pledge to rule the world brought a great change to the land, covering it in a storm that would never break.

Storm clouds around Hai-Riyo Peak

Darkness takes Dol Mordath.

People left Dol Mordath, fearing ruler and the land itself. Things withered and what lived was dark. The Fortress of the First was the only known settlement to have humans residing in it and was little staffed when the First started a war against the other stormbenders for complete domination of the world for himself.

Prisoners of the First were taken to his fortress, but lived shortly before they were disposed of, purportedly into the Iar Sea, which like the land was covered in eternal storms. The First continued in his cruel war on the world.

The Avatar had successfully vanquished the other stormbenders until it was just the First and his eleven other followers. They all fell back to the Fortress, and waited. Sure enough, the Avatar came and fought them. The fight spilled over into the valley east of the fortress where eventually all the combatants, including the Avatar, fell. A few brave came and buried the dead but soon abandoned the Storm Grave, as it was called.

The storms still persist as if its source still lived. The few who buried the Avatar wondered how such a small fortress as the First's could be the site of so much pain and suffering. One of the earthbenders believed that there may be a lair near where even worst things were committed.


The Professor from Ba Sing Se once explored this cursed land in his study of ancient civilizations.

Dol Mordath was visited once by Professor Zei as part of his search for ancient civilizations throughout the Earth Kingdom. He recorded and documented everything he saw but did his best to forget what he saw, declaring it an evil place.

Dol Mordath hasn't been home to anyone since and was left untouched even when the Fire Nation waged the Hundred Year War. The only sign that it is still there is the great storms that sometimes spread beyond its borders and into other lands. As it did when a flood destroyed the Mechanist' village, forcing his people to reside in the Northern Air Temple.

Even with the advent of technology and declining fears of the spirits, this land is untouched by humans.


  • The Iar Sea is a joke to the BSST's 51st issue with it as the IRC in the Fanon Urban Dictionary. To top it off, its haunted.
  • Some of the storms from Dol Mordath will spread from time to time and hit lands further south and west. Some say the spirits of the weather and storms reside here.
  • The Storm Grave will feature in Book III of the Journey of Tala.
  • It was first mentioned just as a haunted beach by Kulek and Tala in Chapter 12: Lord and King, but will have its due in Chapter 10: The Storm Grave.
  • Dol Mordath will feature in each Avatar Saga of the Storms of the Future Cycle.
  • Dol Mordath is an anagram of a faded street sign, Old Mammoth Rd
  • Dol Mordath soon becomes haunted by something other than the dead.
  • "Home of the False Ones", Haishin, Heki

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