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Doko is a 15-year-old boy from the northern, mountainous district of the Earth Kingdom. He was orphaned as a child and raised himself in his small village, where the villagers would constantly bully him. As a result he is quite depressed, fearing others and being avoidant of social interaction. Deep down he desperately wants a friend.

Avatar Sura was the only person who ever showed him kindness by standing up to the villagers when they abused him. When a band of thieves later attack Sura, Doko proves he is a capable Earthbender and wipes them out instantly. The two become good friends and he leaves his village and sad memories behind to travel the world with her.


Doko is 5'8" tall and very slender. His outfit consists of mismatched clothing he either stole or made himself from ruined clothing. Sura later buys him some new clothes which he at first feels very awkward and unconfident wearing. But she repeatedly tells him how good he looks, which soothes his anxiety. He refuses to wear shoes, preferring that his feet be "happy and free." He has pale green eyes and medium-length messy, matted auburn hair.


Doko was born in the Earth Kingdom. He never met or knew his parents, but was abandoned as a child in Jiao Yi Village, a small place in the northern mountains. Since before he could remember Doko always lived on his own, scrounging for food and other necessities. He raised himself and was constantly ostracized and abused by the other villagers, in particular boys roughly his age who would beat him up and call him a "dirty mouse-rat." This abuse traumatized him greatly, and he became something of a recluse; depressed, afraid and mistrustful of people.

Book 1: Lunar

At the age of 15 Doko one day ran into Avatar Sura, who stood up against his bullies and defended him. Doko wanted to thank her, but was too afraid and ran away. No one had ever done something nice for him, and he longed to get to know her. He tried to talk to her, but each time he tried to his anxiety caused him to run away and hide again. When Sura's life was threatened by bandits the following night, Doko could not restrain his anger and he attacked. With a powerful display of Earthbending he completely overwhelmed the bandits and sent them fleeing.

Afterwards, Sura and Doko became good friends and despite his anxiety, he decided to leave his village behind forever to travel and see the world with her.

Book 2: Solar

Book 3: Stellar


He is incredibly shy, naïve, easily frightened and has a submissive personality atypical of an Earthbender. Because he raised himself alone and was constantly abused by the other villagers, Doko becomes very anxious when interacting with normal people and prefers to be on his own. Deep down he loathes being alone and desperately wants a friend. He is very pessimistic and usually imagines the worst in a situation out of habit. After befriending Sura and leaving the village to travel the world with her, Doko is noticeably much happier yet still has insecurities and is easily depressed.


Though Doko is an Earthbender, he does not like to use Earthbending for fighting. He was never rightfully trained in the bending arts while growing up, and instead uses Earthbending as a means to survive. Instinctually Doko has incredible hidden talent with using Earthbending in combat, though it will not surface unless in extreme circumstances, such as Sura's life being threatened. While in this state, Doko shows no restraint, becoming very aggressive and displaying a mastery over the element that rivals even the greatest benders in the world. The downside to this is Doko only cares about protecting Sura, and thus is not concerned about his own well-being.


  • The character art used for Doko is by an artist named Mangetsu (aka Sweetmoon), on

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