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Doctor Doom
Reikoku Unmei/Doctor Doom
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The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet (By Yakan Moui)


Omashu, Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

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Doctor Doom armor


Doctor Octopus, Abomination, Doombots


The Avengers, Earth Kingdom, S.H.I.E.L.D

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King of Omashu



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Hulk VS Ba Sing Se

Doctor Doom is the ruthless ruler of Omashu and great-grandson of King Bumi.


340 AG

The Accident

During the night in his lab, Reikoku was working on the cosmic energy researching alone to create a weapon from it to conquer the whole entire Earth Kingdom like that Kang the Conqueror had done 90 years ago. But unlike Kang, He realize that he need more than just robots army to conquer the Earth Kingdom. He need weapon that no ones had ever created before. Then, he's try to create cosmic energy absorber to absorb the bending of the soldiers but it has accident when he's tested it with the Badgermole. Because the Badgermole was panic and it accident destroy the power core of the machine and the cosmic energy absorber is explode and destroy lab of Reikoku and destroy his face along with it.

Become Doctor Doom

Next day after the explosion in his lab, he order Doctor Octopus to create an armor for him to wear and hide his face that covered with scar that filled with cosmic energy. After Octopus finished the armor, he's wear it and become Doctor Doom.

360 AG

The Conquest Begins

For the beginning and to told the Earth Kingdom about his plan, he ordered Abomination to lead the Doombots to conquer Ba Sing Se but his army was thwarted by Hulk and was forced to retreated back to Omashu.


He is ruthless, evil, mean and smart mad scientist and he's believe in himself very much and will destroy everyone who stand in his way and his ultimate goal.




As King of Omashu and great-grandson of King Bumi, he can bend earth. He also can bend metal after he studied from two corrupt polices of Metalbending Police Force when he was in his embassy at the Republic City.

Doctor Doom armor

With his armor that created by Doctor Octopus, he have super-strength, laser gloves for shooting and boot jets to fly around and it was surround by force field. That's mean earthbender can metalbend his armor.


He is the most second brilliant man in the world. The most brilliant is Iron Man.


  • He is the most second brilliant man in the world after Iron Man.
  • His only friend is Doctor Octopus.
  • He is kind of evil like Ozai.
  • Reikoku is Japanese word mean "ruthless" and Unmei is mean "doom".
  • His nickname was given by Yakan Moui.
  • He secretly idolizes Kuvira and Ozai.
    • Like Kuvira, he sees that Republic City is part of the Earth Kingdom.

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