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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in The Tales of Ba Sing Se.

Chapter Sixty-Three: Do Not Disturb

"Where's Aang?"

Sokka throws his hands into the air. "How should I know?! He's been in his room all day. Spirits know what he's been doing in there."

She raises her eyebrows. "Aang? In his room? I wonder what's wrong. That doesn't sound like him at all."

Her brother glances at her. "Look, all I know is that one second, he's all happy and singing or something in there, and then he sees you coming in through the window and he runs inside and tells me not to disturb him."

Toph is already wiping off her makeup. "So? Who cares? He can mope if he wants, Katara."

Singing . . . ? She shoots the Earthbender a dirty glare and addresses Sokka. "Wait, this happened just now?"

"No, well, I mean, he's been in there all day, but he came out a few minutes ago to ask me something about you." Her brother shrugs. "I guess he didn't get to it. I walked in and he sang some love song to me." Toph sniggers. "Boy was he shocked when he saw me standing there. Awkward . . ."

I hope he's okay. "I'm going to check up on him." Careful not to smudge the makeup from her face, she wanders up to his door and knocks. "Aang?"

She hears a muffled thump from the other side of the door. "Uh, just a second!" Taking a step backwards, she knocks again.

"Are you okay? You should sort of—what are you doing?"

"Uh, nothing! I swear!"

And oddly defensive. Sokka said something about singing? What, was he singing some folk tune? By himself? She blinks, and a thought pops into her head, one she rapidly pushes away. The door has a handwritten sign tacked on: Do Not Disturb. –Aang

She puts her hand on the flat wood and attempts to slide it open.

It slides easily, and the room comes into view; it appears as if a tornado has swept through it, demolishing it. He stands in the middle, still in an Airbending pose, and he whips around quickly to stare at her.

They stay that way, in an uneasy silence, for several minutes.

He blushes deeply.

"How was your day?" he squeaks. "Because you . . . you look really beautiful . . . uh . . ." He rubs his hand self-consciously on his head.

She smiles. "Sokka said you were singing? I didn't know you sang."

"Yeah, me neither." His eyes widen. "Uh, I was just . . . singing something. Like, a folk tune. Nothing . . ."

"Oh." Sokka was talking about a love song. Guess it was just Aang being silly. She smiles, waves, and walks out. "Like you said, I suppose I shouldn't disturb you!"

She hears him inhale. "No, wait! I mean—I do want to show you something," he stammers, and he Airbends over the mattress to reveal a pipa. She turns back, one eyebrow raised in interest.


This chapter was originally completely different. This part three of the arc about the song . . .

I originally had Aang sing it to Katara, but Vulmen pointed out, thankfully, that Kataang didn't officially start unti 321, so . . .

If it isn't clear, the song from the previous chapter was accidentally sung to Sokka instead of to Katara. Failure on Aang's part.

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