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Biographical information

Born among the New Nomads, raised in the Spirit World


A month and a half (biologically 14)

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Light blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Sharpened metal throwing rings

Fighting style(s)

Aggressive airbending


Aang, Zuko, Enma (Pathik)



Chronological and political information


First appearance

The First Airbender (as a baby), The Many Failures of Avatar Aang (as a teenager)

Diyi is one of the main characters, and in fact the titular character, of Child of Destiny by MightyBrit.

During the story

Birth and Kidnapping

Diyi is born to her parents, Ran and Farsi, in the very first chapter, with Katara acting as a midwife. Minutes after being born, Guru Pathik confirmed that she was indeed an airbender, the first to be born in over a century. Aang celebrated her birth along with Appa and the rest of the New Nomads. However, within a few weeks, Diyi was kidnapped from the Air Temple as Aang was distracted by seven shadows and Aang started a desperate search to find her. Later on, Aang discovered that Diyi had been stolen by Pathik, with the assistance of Appa, under the instruction of Tiankong, who needed a champion in the physical world to answer the threat of the colliding worlds and the Great Maw.

Diyi was taken through the breach in the world caused by Zhao at the North Pole and proceeded to spend the rest of her childhood in the Spirit World, being raised mostly by Enma (actually the form Pathik takes when he is in the Spirit World) and taught bending by Tiankong. While only about a month past in the physical world, due to time flowing differently and erratically in the Spirit World, Diyi experienced and aged fourteen years.

Return to the Physical World

When Aang saw the spirit of Zhao without a body, he figured out that the shadows that attacked him on the night of Diyi's kidnapping were spirits and took his search to the Spirit World. He found Diyi under the care of Enma and learnt the truth behind her kidnapping and his identity.

Diyi left the Spirit World with Aang, intending to go back to the Air Temple with him. However, they were quickly sidetracked. Aang, Zuko and she travelled forst to Ba Sing Se to consult with Iroh, then to the House of Fengkuang in the Fire Nation after learning about the threat Azula caused.


Diyi is gruff, aggressive and rude as a general rule, but is nonetheless a good person. Being raised practically alone and in a feral and dying Spirit World, she has learned survival over politeness and good manners. She remains quite empathic though and doing her best to try and fit in.

While, at first, Diyi quite disliked Aang, but their relationship has steadily grown after learning of their similarities. Aang is teaching Diyi about the physical world and her responsibilities as one of the only airbenders left in the world.


Diyi is a gifted airbender and was taught her bending abilities by Tiankong, the Spirit of the Sky and matron of all airbending. Among her considerable airbending talents, she has developed her own technique of sucking the air out of an area, forming a vacuum. She uses this technique to choke foes to unconsciousness and put out fires by depriving them of oxygen.

Behind the scenes

Diyi's name is the romanized Chinese word for 'first,' referring to her as being the first airbender born in over a century. The whole concept of Diyi's grown up character was to create a character who is the exact opposite of Aang in every way, despite the fact they are both airbenders. Obviously, they are of opposite genders. Diyi enjoys eating practically raw meat, when Aang abstains entirely. Diyi carries a weapon that she uses as a tool (her rings), while Aang carries a tool that he uses as a weapon (his staff). Most significantly however is while Aang is several years older than he appears due to being trapped in the iceberg; Diyi is several years younger than she appears, due to being raised in the Spirit World.

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