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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Growling armadillo lion
The Dixia gang
General information

Baotu the Fanzui de Laoban

Notable members
  • Baotu the Fanzui de Laoban (Fanzui de Laoban for 30 years, and running)
  • Haoke
  • Qian Zei
  • Baotu's father (Fanzui de Laoban for 52 years; Deceased)
  • Baotu's grandfather (Fanzui de Laoban for 75 years; Deceased)
  • Baotu's great-grandfather (Founder; Deceased)

Baotu's great-grandfather (Deceased)


Ba Sing Se Southeastern Lower Ring

  • Become the richest gang in Ba Sing Se.
  • Have a large number drug trafficking.
  • Extort all of the Mousha Quan gang members.
  • Control all of Ba Sing Se's lower ring.
The Dixia Gang are a group of Ba Sing Se criminals, who control the southeastern section of the lower ring. They're minor characters in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Founded by Baotu's great-grandfather back during when Avatar Anana was alive. Baotu's great-grandfather turned to a life of crime, for being incarcerated as a suspect to a murder, when he was a young man.

He was in prison for 15 years, and when he was released he found out his mother had died of broken heart due to her son's lock up. Baotu's great-grandfather fell in love with a young woman and she bore him a daughter and a son.

Like others to give his children a better life, and a protected one, he became a crime boss and established a gang called the Dixia gang. Only Earth Kingdom citizens from the lower ring could join. Women could not join unless their husbands were part of the gang already, they were used for washing clothing of gang members, and cleaning the homes of the members.

Baotu's great-grandfather had a cell mate within prison who also shared the same ideas as he did. That man established the Hei Shichang gang, a drug producing, dealing, and buying and selling hot canteens. Hei Shichang was more like a black market gang, than a traditional one.

It was rarely that the members of Hei Shichang would go headhunting, take off or wet up people. That was a not so regular thing for the Dixia either, they were the ones who had connections outside of the city. And Dixia gang's first years of establishment they were a rich gang.

An enemy of Baotu's great-grandfather also turned his life to crime, and founded a gang of murderers who headhunt, or take off on people whenever they chose to. The enemy gang of the Dixia gang was named Mousha Quan.

For many years, the Dixia and the Mousha Quan had gang wars for ten years within Ba Sing Se. Most members within the gang from both sides often killed each other because of paranoia.

Baotu's great-grandfather's death

After the founder's death his son, the grandfather of Baotu, and father of Baotu's father. Took the reigns of the gang, and ruled it for 75 years.

Baotu's grandfather had assassinated the founder of Mousha Quan, in thoughts of ending the gang, he did not the Fanzui de Laoban of Mousha Quan, had an heir, the heir began another gang war on drugs for five years. The drug war ended, when a squad of Hei Shichang and Dixia were sent in to ransack the headquarters.

Stealing the various boxes and ingredients created and grown by the herbalists of Mousha Quan, who invented the Feng Cao drug. After copying several documents on the drugs, the Hei Shichang burned the records of the Mousha Quan that they invented the drug and took the credit themselves.

Baotu's grandfather's death

Baotu's grandfather died at the age of 82, of cardiac arrest. Baotu's father takes over, and becomes the Fanzui de Laoban of the Dixia gang, for 52 years, before being assassinated by the 41st Earth King Ta Po. Baotu did not know of this, and to this day does not know about it. Baotu's father met a boy by the name of Qian Zei, who was gifted mathematically, the gang's finances were depleting. The boy kept the finances of the gang high, making them the richest gang in Ba Sing Se.

Baotu's father's assassination

Earth King Ta Po, assassinated Baotu's father in a raid, when the Dixia gang and Hei Shichang gang were raiding the upper ring. When they're leaders were killed they fled back to the lower ring and hid for five years.

When those five years had past, Baotu took the throne at the age of 23, as the new Fanzui de Laoban of the Dixia gang. Still allied with the Hei Shichang gang. Baotu still has Qian Zei as his financial agent and to this day runs the gang healthy, Baotu's 53 years old and healthy has three sons.

Imprisonment of Qian Zei

The finance agent of the Dixia gang was himmed up, for theft of money, of the richest tea shop within the lower ring. He was sent to prison for five years. Serving his third year when Baotu tasked Taofan, Haoke and another three gangsters, to travel to the Ba Sing Se prison and break him out.

Without, Qian Zei, the Dixia gang began to go bankrupt, the return of Qian Zei, began the regrowth of their financial budget on the Hei Shichang market.

Assassination of 41st Earth King Ta Po

Baotu accepted the request of a man named Taofan, Taofan promised to Haoke that justice will be served. Haoke's son was executed by Earth King Ta Po. And so Taofan and Haoke, do a high-risk mission into the Earth Kingdom Palace, and assassinate the 41st Earth King.


Growling armadillo lion

The mascot of the Dixia gang. The Armadillo Lion.

The mascot of the Dixia gang, is the armadillo lion native to the Earth Kingdom. The members of the Dixia gang, have tattoos of the head of an armadillo lion, sometimes when guards are in the lower ring, they stop any Dixia gang members for questioning, and check them to see if they have any armadillo lion tattoos either on their backs, arms, legs, necks, chests, or head.

Some Dixia members grew their hair out long to avoid being stopped by a guard, hiding the armadillo lion tattoos on their heads, and/or neck.


Preceded by
Baotu's father
Fanzui de laoban of the Dixia gang
689 BG - ???
Succeeded by


  • Dixia is Chinese for "the Underground".
  • Headhunting is a gang related term meaning "Searching for a victim".
  • Take off is a gang related term meaning "start a fight"
  • Wet up is a gang related term meaning "make bleed".
  • Himmed up is a gang related term meaning "captured".

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