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Divide and Conquer
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The view from Zuko's palace was amazing. Aang and Katara sat outside watching the sunset. Team Avatar had gone there immediately after they left the Si Wong Desert to discuss tactics and have a little relaxation. Katara had noticed that Aang seemed troubled. "Aang, I know what you're thinking but you can't blame yourself for what happened to How and the Earth King," she said with a sweet softness in her voice that Aang loved.

"Katara, I'm not just worried about that. I'm worried about all of the other innocent people Jun is willing to kill to find me. I won't let that happen." Aang said.

"Remember he's after the rest of us too. We're just as much to blame." Katara reminded him. "Don't put all of the blame on yourself." She urged him. Aang said nothing. Katara looked him in the eyes and gave him a light kiss on the lips. "Come on, let's go inside." She suggested.

Everyone was sitting inside. "Hi, guys." Suki greeted them.

"Iroh sent us a letter." Sokka started. "He said the Order has tracked down Jun and Azula."

"Then where are they?" Katara asked, anxious.

"They're in the Foggy Swamp." Sokka answered.

"We need to leave immediately then." Aang declared.

"I agree." Zuko added.

"Did Iroh's letter say anything else?" Katara asked.

"Actually it looked as if he was trying to say something else but the rest of the paper was blank." Zuko answered.

"I guess he ran out of ink." Mai assumed.

"Alright, everyone pack up your stuff and I'll call Appa." Aang announced.

"How did the Order learn of our location?" Jun asked Hong Wu.

"Well, master they are extremely resourceful. It could not have been that hard." Hong Wu replied. "Not that you have not done well hiding from them, master!" Hong Wu suddenly added.

"What shall we do, Jun?" Mongke asked his boss.

"Divide and conquer. This swamp is enormous. We must separate them and take them out." Jun responded.

"Well, sir that would take care of The Avatar and his friends but what about the Order?" Hong Wu asked.

"We will be long gone before they arrive." Jun replied.

"This sounds like fun!" Azula said with a crazy smile.

"Prepare yourselves." Jun instructed. "They are coming soon."

Two days had passed and Team Avatar was nearing the Foggy Swamp.

"Okay, everyone let's check to make sure there aren't any giant tornadoes coming at us this time." Sokka said while looking around. Everyone chuckled at this joke.

Appa landed in the swamp and everyone dismounted. "Alright, we need to split up." Sokka told everyone. "We'll have a better chance of finding Jun and Azula if we cover multiple areas at once."

"I'll go with Aang." Katara announced. Momo landed on her shoulder and chittered in agreement.

"I'll go with Suki." Sokka said.

"I'm going with you guys too." Toph declared.

"Mai and I will go together." Zuko said.

"What about you, boy?" Aang asked Appa.

Appa growled and licked Zuko with his giant tongue.

"I guess that settles it then." Zuko said, annoyed.

Everyone else had a laugh at this before walking away on their separate paths.

Aang and Katara had been walking for at least an hour and had not found anything. "Where could they be?" Katara wondered aloud. Neither of them saw Hong Wu hiding in the darkness. Suddenly, Momo started chirping.

"What is it, Momo?" Aang asked the lemur. It was too late. Hong Wu swooped down and knocked Aang unconscious. He then ran at Katara. Before she could react, Hong Wu threw several blades at her, pinning her down to a tree behind her.

"You're coming with me!" The knife thrower stated. He grabbed hold of her and Momo and leaped out of the area.

Meanwhile, Sokka, Toph, and Suki were searching in a different part of the swamp. "This is hopeless!" Suki stated. "We'll never find them in this swamp. They could be anywhere."

"Alright, we'll regroup with the others and search together." Sokka decided.

It was then that Toph sensed it. "Somebody's coming!" She shouted. It was then that Mongke shot a fireball at Suki.

Sokka was very alarmed by this. "Suki!!" He screamed her name before pushing her out of the way. The fireball missed her just barely. The three of them saw the former Rough Rhino leader at once. "You!" Sokka shouted.

"You were sent by Jun to kill us back in the Desert?!" Toph asked.

"That's right!" Mongke confirmed. "I would have walked away by now if I didn't have a score to settle with you!" He yelled.

"You want revenge for your teammates!" Sokka assumed.

"Enough talk!" The former colonel shouted. He created a fire disk and launched it at them.

In yet another part of the swamp, Zuko and Mai were walking in search of Jun along with Appa.

"I hope the others are okay." Mai said.

"They're fine." Zuko assured her. It was enormous. A huge blast of blue fire came raining down on them. Zuko countered it by creating a fire shield but it wasn't strong enough and he along with Mai was blown back and knocked unconscious.

Azula let out an insane fit of laughter after seeing them fall.

Appa proceeded to attack by stomping his tail but Azula was too quick and launched a fire stream straight at the Sky Bison.

Aang came to quickly and realized what had happened. "Katara!" He screamed. "Katara!!" He screamed her name again. His eyes and tattoos glowed and he shouted all of the Avatars' voices into the heavens.

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