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District 9 Division Squad
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Fubai Dushi District 9


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Military Support, Security Guards, Law Enforcement, Public Force, Riot Control

Although they aren't exactly the pinnacle of justice and heroism, Squad 9 is possibly the brightest point in the dark slums of Fubai Dushi, and their actions in the war under Hiro's leadership have given them a degree of fame. Since Hiro isn't biased save for fighting ability and courage, Squad 9 is also the most diverse and colorful of the 12 squads, comprising of men, women, army rejects, former criminals, members from the lower class, earthbenders who willingly defected to Hiro, foreigners, and eccentric oddballs from the fringes of society.

History Edit

The 9th Division Squad has served as the law enforcement of the 9th District ever since the city's re-organization. When Bao Tai became Captain, he began using the Squad and his position to extort locals and businesses in the district, severely abusing his authority. When Hiroakira Fengxian became Captain, much of the extortion stopped, but the Squad soon faced a financial crisis due to budget cuts by the Governor. Captain Fengxian soon solved this problem by taking graft money offered by local crime families who controlled underground gambling and smuggling rackets. Fengxian also began his sinature habit of recruiting anyone with ability regardless of ethnic or social background. This is also the time when the 9th Division began to face attacks and infiltrations by assassins trying to kill Captain Fengxian, all of which were successfully thwarted.

When the Rangyi Movement began to seriously threaten the Fire Nation Colonies and the Colonial Force was mobilized, the 9th Division Squad saw more intense action that any of the other squads in Fubai Dushi. After an ambush in the mountains, Captain Fengxian went missing and was presumed dead, only for him to return to the city several months later riding a Quilin, an animal thought to be extinct.

Squad 9 was the main unit leading the relif taskforce sent to aid a retreating Colonel Shinu, when the whole group along with the Colonel's force were surrounded by the armies of General Targutai. Against overwhelming odds, Captain Fengxian decided to stay with his coilition force to fight the Rangyi army, leading to the Battle of Blood Road. Although the defenders did most of the fighting, with Fengxian himself striking down Targutai, it was Navy Captain Zhao who took credit for the victory when his new tank battalion arrived from downriver near the battle's end.

The 9th Squad spent the rest of the Rangyi uprising primarily in Fubai Dushi, with the occasional mission to quell some border clash or small provincial riot.

Notable Members Edit

Current Edit


Hiroakira Fengxian

Hiro was forced to join Squad 9 against his will, with the hopes that he'd be worked to death by the captain at the time, Bao Tai. Eventually, Bao Tai push Hiro to his limit, and the boy challenged Bao Tai to an Agni Kai for the captaincy. Bao Tai was amused by the challenge, and but he and Governor Tao thought the match would be the perfect way to get rid of Hiro free from legal entanglements. The 10-year-old surprised everyone when he killed Bao Tai in a grusome fashion, punching a hole through his gut and immolating him from the inside. Thus Hiro became Squad 9's captain. Governor Tao, paranoid that he'd be next, drastically cut Squad 9's budget, and began ordering the Squad on suicide missions around the Earth Kingdom in the hopes that Hiro would be killed in action on some distant battlefield. Their subsequent successes wound up making them famous throughout the army.

Hiro is a rather laid-back and easygoing captain, who'd rather either be out fighting or reading a book than any sort of administrative work. His lack of bias and prejudice also means that he'll recruit nearly anyone at the drop of a hat; indeed, several members of his current squad had attempted to kill him in the past, and were strong (or lucky) enough to survive Hiro's retaliation. Although he outranks her, Hiro's 1st Lt. Ayako often naggs him until he does his job, so it's sometimes not clear who is really in charge.

Hiro has proven, time and again, that he is the strongest warrior and the most powerful firebender in the Squad, and everyone (who has survived) knows well enough to keep their distance when Hiro starts to cut loose during a fight.

1st Lieutenant


Ayako is a vassal of the Fengxian Duchy, a former officer in the Domestic Force, and Hiro's former governess. She came with Hiro to Fubai Dushi, but was officially dismissed from her position as Governess by Governor Tao Shi Wang. When Hiro killed Bao Tai and took command of Squad 9, He appointed Ayako as his 1st Lieutenant. A very strict, stern and no-nonsense woman with almost no sense of humor, Ayako usually does most of the administration functions of a captain due to her captain's young age, lack of experience, and outright laziness. She is often irritated by her young charge's lack of seriousness in most situations, his recklessness, and his often questionable judgment. Despite her cold exterior, Ayako is actually a caring person and is steadfastly loyal to Hiro, and willing to put her ife on the line to protect him. She is also protective of Haruka. She is a very good firebender, having once been an instructor in the Domestic Force, and is rather good in wielding the chain whip.

2nd Lieutenant

Yori Gokudo

The oldest member of Squad 9, he is a man who has seen much of the city's hardships. Very wise and knowledgeable about firebending, he is an old acquaintance of Yuan Fengxian and a good Pai Sho player, but is a compulsive gambler with poor luck, and a slight tendency for lechery. Actually the elder brother of the Gokudo Clan's current boss, he is one of the reasons that Squad 9 can count on the underworld's support. Most of the time he is an easy-going man who tries to steer the younger members of the squad, particularly his impulsive new captain, on the right path, but can be an intelligent commander and a formidible opponent when he gets serious. Yori is very friendly and polite, and though he is irritated by Captain Fengxian's penchant for reckless destruction, he firmly believes that Hiro is a good man at heart and a good influence on the 9th District.

Other notable officers

Mao Que

Tall, dark, imposing, quiet, solemn, and fierce-looking, Mao Que is an enigma, and the closest thing Hiro has to a bodyguard. Not much is known of where he came from, and since he speaks few understandable words, he's not telling. The tallest and most intimidating member of Squad 9, his dark skin is covered in intricate black tattoos, and he adds more after each battle. Possibly the only one who can match his captain's sheer brute strength, he also has as great a love of battle as Hiro, fully getting into a battle frenzy in the midst of the action, the only time he really displays emotion other that his usual scowl. Hiro first met him shortly after becoming captain, when Mao was half-starved and fighting off multiple gang members. After helping him out, Hiro offered him a spot in Squad 9's ranks. Unable to pronounce his true name (Maukqueyg), he shortened it to Mao Que. He does seem quite loyal to Hiro personally, and the young captain can always count on Mao Que to watch his back, or at least keep Haruka out of danger. Mao Que hand-crafts and uses a variety of nasty-looking weapons from things he finds at the fishing docks, particularly a spear made of stingray barbs and a sword made of shark teeth, and he is also a harpooner without equal. Mao prefers to keep to himself most of the time, but he is fiercely loyal to Hiro, and has savagly killed a number of assassins who've attempted to ambush the Captain.


A proud young warrior and firebender who couldn't hack Army training, he is very grateful that Hiro gave him a chance to serve his country, though he often gets hurt trying to keep Haruka in school.

Taro Hong

The shortest and second-youngest member of the squad, he was originally taller than Hiro before the latter's growth spurt. Strong-willed and very competitive, he's sparred with Hiro countless times, and although he's lost every time he still continues to challenge him. He is actually an earthbender who demanded that Hiro fight him, losing a bet in the process and winding up a member of Hiro's Squad. Called "Shorty" by Haruka and pretty much everyone else, this is a rather hot-button issue with him.


A sleepwalker and a narcoleptic who is most often tasked with babysitting Haruka. She is a shy young woman who has a repressed crush on her much-younger captain, and does this babysitting job to prove her loyalty and hopefull earn Hiro's praise. Unfortunately, she almost always falls asleep on the job, something which Haruka constantly takes advantage of.


A good-natured but stern man who believes in law, order, and honor, and also believes in the Fire Nation's war. Although he finds it hard to believe, is thoroughly impressed by Hiro's title of Dragon, and he is also very respectful of Hiro's nobility title and is in awe of his familiarity with the Imperial Family, whom he virtually worships. Katsurou is an idealistic nationalist, and is openly disgusted at the Governor's almost treasonous greed. He is unsure about the loyalty of the Earth Kingdom soldiers in the squad, but holds his tongue out of respect for his captain's judgment.


A talented Firebender and a voluptuous former prostitute from the Red Light District, she joined Squad 9 some time after Hiro became captain. This was due to an incident where she set a customer on fire when he refused to pay her and had called her an "Old Hag," which got her fired from the brothel she worked at. She likes to drink, flirt, tease, socialize, and party at every given opportunity, and may still be doing some of her "old work" on the side for some extra money. Chouko knows how to get most men to do anything she wants, and has very little modesty or shame. She likes Hiro and thinks that he makes an excellent (and more importantly, fun) Captain. She's often tried to "instruct" Hiro about how adults should act, by is frequently chastized by Ayako for this.


A brash and hotheaded young woman who often doesn't pay attention during conversations, but is an excellent shot with the repeating crossbow, which she carries with her everywhere. She is very short-tempered and goes on a (often comical) violent spree or rampage of some sort when she feels she's been insulted, often for her flat-chest. She is a sociopath, able to kill with no conscience, but has a sense of professional responsibility and comradre with her squadmembers. She also has an extreemly foul mouth, and isin't afraid to mouth off to anyone, even her superiors. Although she never holds back her tongue on account of his young age, Hibiki has an enormous amount of respect for Hiro as a fighter and a leader, and refuses to abandon him.


A reckless man who charges into battle alongside his captain, with whom he shares a similar love of battle and code of honor. He wields a crescent blade spear and he can firebend as good as any. Isamu has questionable morals, especially where pretty women are concerned, and this gets him into frequent trouble: in fact, he claims he's been hurt by women far more than any enemy, often when he tries to get fresh with them.


A firebender and pikeman in his early twenties, he's very unsure of himself, nervous, timid, clumsy, a worrywart, and even easier to dupe than Hiro, but has his bold moments, and cares about everyone. He has a secret crush on Lt. Ayako, although he is scared of her. Masaru is constantly having chores dumped on him by ofther officers, although he does whatever job he's given dilligently and without complaint. Although much older, Masaru admires his Captain's fearless and confidence.


Former Earth Kingdom Solider and earthbender who defected to squad 9 because he wanted to serve under Hiro, who had beaten him in battle during the Rangyi Uprising. He believes in fighting for the strong, and teaches Haruka earthbending in secret.


A rather gentle woman who tends the squad's yarrow garden and serves as squad 9's medic and tailor. Unfortunately, she is a mousy, scatter-brained basket case that panics and jumps to wild conclusions easily, sometimes during the middle of surgery (often comically while treating Xun Wu).

Xun Wu

Another former Earth Kingdom solider who defected to squad 9 (because he was unwillingly drafted into an Earth Kingdom Army he knew would fail) because feels that his chances of survival would improve by throwing his lot in with Hiro (he's mostly a sychophaunt). A joker who likes to tease other people to the point where he gets wailed on or otherwise hurt in retaliation, (which, ironically, may just shorten his life expectancy), and makes everyone else wonder why Hiro recruited him in the first place. Called "Dumb Wu" by Haru-chan, and "Moron," "Idiot," "Pervert," and "Jackass" by pretty much everyone else.


A Fire Nation Citizen who acts as an occasional female recruiter for Squad 9, she is a very pretty and attractive young airheaded ditz with enormous... "Potential," which makes her popular with the guys. She's bubbly and friendly but as dense as a mountainful of lead. That said, she is surprisingly good with a knife and a spear. She very often comes by to offer the squad fresh fruit from her parent's shop.


A young man from a swamp somewhere in the southern Earth Kingdom, Bo came to the "Big City" to see the world and get an "ed-joo-ma-ka-shun". Despite his southern drawl, his simple mannerisms and upbringing, Bo is a far more keen and clever fellow than outward appearances and actions would suggest. As he puts it, "Mama dint' raise no fool." Having a great sense of inginuity and a facination with machinery, he accepted Hiro's recruitment offer so he could figure out how the Fire Nation's new tanks work. Hiro hired him because he was very good at defending himself with a pitchfork, and they got along famously. When this good-ol'-boy isin't working on Squad 9's outdated tanks or on patrol, he can be found either twangn' on a shamishen (a guitar/banjo-like instrument) or whitling something out of wood. Bo also has good skill in giging (catching small shallow-water animals with a two-pronged spear), noodling (catching river fish by the mouth with one's bare hands), and maneuvering small boats.


A serial killer and a narcissist, he is fascinated with Captain Fengxian to the point of obsession, who he considers the only other "real" person in the world aside from himself. Completely incapable of understanding other people's emotions, or even basic social conventions, the man is a bloodthirsty nutjob who is in love with Hiro's capacity for carnage and violence to the extent that he frightens the rest of the squad.


A large and affable brute who likes to talk a lot, and likes to bash in people's skulls a lot. Bloodthirsty and always willing to fight, he has a deep personal like of his captain and often acts as the boy's bodyguard. He doesn't mind at all, seeing as Hiro's tendency to attract trouble means the Bruz gets to indulge in his lust for violence pretty often. Boisterous and bombastic, he's usually the center of attention at parties.

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