By MibuWolf Part of the Daughter of Blood and Steel continuity.

Distortion Implants are devices in Daughter of Blood and Steel which enable humans to Distort (bend) the four elements.


Distortion Implants were developed by the scientist Isei Ijichi, who spent the majority of his life in solitude perfecting the invention. When he released D.I.s to the public, he referred to them as a catalyst for humans to return to their original state before the Rebuild. His speeches were mostly seen as daft religious zeal, however the public instantly saw the value of the Distortion Implants. Military organizations began to offer him money for the Implants, however he constantly insisted that this was not the purpose of them.

Six months after introducing the public to D.I.s, Isei Ijichi died and gave all patents and rights for D.I.s to his assistant, Sugita Soho. Contrary to Ijichi, Soho did not have a strong moral obligation to keep D.I.s used for peace. He sold them at ridiculously high prices, and is often attributed as the one who began the crazy rush for D.I.s. Fifty years after first introducing them, Sugita Soho is still the primary seller of D.I.s.

However, upon buying D.I.s, most military organizations proceed to copy the technology, replicate it, and change it to create their own unique implants. Currently, the most sought out change is to enable humans to have multiple D.I.s.


Mental Stimulant Implants

Mental Stimulant Implants (often shortened to Mental Stims) are the basis for the use of Distortion Implants. These implants are installed at the base of the subject's spinal column and send out aimed electrical shocks to the parts of the brain which enable the body to open up pathways to enable bending. However, once these pathways are opened, in 99 out of 100 cases the Distortion abilities are incredibly uncontrolled, and thus in order to channel the Distortion abilities, another Implant was created to match the Mental Stims.

Control Implants

Control Implants are exoskeleton-like metal devices installed on the arms and legs of a Distorter. In order for the average Distorter to use and control Distortion abilities, s/he must where his/her Control Implants at all times, otherwise his/her powers will go berserk. In one case, it was noted that a Distorter with a Fire Implant who removed his Control Implants burned down one of the many mini-nations.

Natural Affinity

About one in a hundred cases are regarded with curiosity, as the user in these rare cases seem to have a natural control of Distortion abilities without the use of Control Implants. However, the vast majority of these cases end with the subject's death, as scientists use the opportunity to test other, flawed methods of enabling Distortion power increases.

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