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"Discovery" is the first chapter of the first book of the Polybender Saga.


Korra has a vision of a man in a grey suit bending all four elements. She assumes it must be an Avatar, but doesn't recognise him. She asks Jinora about it, but she is no help. Korra becomes determined to discover his identity.


Korra and Jinora are meditating at the Air Temple Island meditation pavilion. A vision blurs through Korra's mind. A man in a big blue coat, grey waistcoat and black trousers stands in a rooted position. "Air," he says, effortlessly slicing from shoulder to hip and creating a blade of air. "Water," he says, forming a ball of water on his hand and dispersing it. "Earth," he raises a rock and punches it into rubble. "Fire," he creates a large stream of blue fire and moves it like water. "Brilliant."

With a big gasp, Korra jumps to her feet. Jinora breaks from her trance and unfolds her legs. "Is everything, alright, Korra? Did you have a vision?"

Korra nods, swallowing heavily.

"Care to tell me about it?"

"I think Vaatu's back," she says.

Jinora is concerned, "What makes you think that?"

"I saw a man bending all four elements. A man in a suit like Raiko's, but less..."

"Could it be a future Avatar?" Jinora says.

"I don't think so. He didn't look to belong to any one nation. Something is wrong, who is this person?"

"Could you describe him? My books might say something about him," Jinora offers.

"Let's see... brown hair, thick eyebrows, blue and white suit. Sophisticated voice. Bends all four elements."

"Hmmm, brown hair, thick eyebrows. I have some idea of who it is. Not sure, sorry," Jinora frowns.

"Alright girls, bed time," Tenzin says, emerging from the doorway.

The two obey him, albeit reluctantly. Korra walks past Tenzin and says, "What does an airbender in a blue and grey suit mean to you?"

Tenzin raises an eyebrow. "Should it mean anything?"

Korra acts awkwardly. "No, just asking."

In the middle of the night, Jinora throws off her bed sheets. Rubbing her eyes, she pulls her robe over her pyjamas and leaves the room, walking on the balls of her feet, being ever so careful not to wake Ikki or Meelo. She opens her door and descends the staircase. Hearing a rustling sound, she maintains her stealth, but assumes a fighting stance. She carefully opens the door, revealing Korra. "Korra, what are you doing here?"

Korra is embarrassed. "I'm... uh... trying to find the bathroom."

Jinora is not amused. She nods her head. "Why are you really here?"

Korra slouches. "Oh, alright. I was trying to find something about this person."

"Well, I was thinking about it in bed. I think I might know who it is," Jinora says.

"Really, who?"

Jinora pulls out a book titled 'The Fire Nation Civil War' and flicks to a page with a man in a red blazer, shooting a stream of air that turns into fire at the tips. "Just one problem..."

"What is it?" Korra asks.

"This man can only bend air. He converts air into other elements."

"He's an airbender?"

"According to the legends, he is from another world, in between ours and the Spirit World."

Korra is about to speak, but hears voices upstairs. The voices are muffled.

"So, I can count on your support?" A sophisticated voice says.

"I'm not allowed to publicly support you, I am supposed to be neutral. But I can vote for you," said someone sounding very similar to Tenzin.

"Very good, that will do. Thank you for your time, Elder Tenzin."

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