By Lord Caesar Part of the Avatar Ronin continuity.

Dinosaurs were a group of animals who dominated the Earth 160 millions of years before the Era of Raava.


Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for 160 millions of years before the era of Raava and the era of the Avatar. The first dinosaurs lived on a super continent called Pangaea. Overtime the continent began to separate, which allowed dinosaurs to evolve into larger and more powerful creatures, officially becoming the dominant species of the planet. Toward the end of their time, most species of dinosaurs became extinct due to natural causes, but smaller, carnivorous dinosaurs survived and evolved into modern birds.

It is later discovered by Avatar Ronin that the dinosaurs from millions of years ago did survive from extinction and have adapted with the ability to bend. They migrated to the large plateau, Konglong Island, hidden in the forests of the northern Earth Kingdom.

Species of Dinosaurs

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