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King Diju was the King of Omashu before Bumi. Wise and just, Diju was known for many accomplishments, one of which was his legendary saving of Omashu during an earthquake.

Early Life

Diju was born in Omashu, and lived in the city for his entire life. He was trained under his father in Earthbending, and was considered to be a prodigy. His education also went along swiftly, and when he ended schooling, he was one of the highest ranked students in his class.

Although the circumstances are unknown, Diju was selected by the previous King of Omashu to succeed him upon his death. When that time came, Diju was appointed King of Omashu.

Ruling Omashu

At one point during his reign, there was a devastating earthquake that struck Omashu. The quake was so strong that it threatened to knock the top off of the mountain of Omashu. Diju reacted quickly, using his bending to steady the top half of the city until the quake ended.

Diju's reign was considered a high point for Omashu. Trade flourished, the population expanded, new innovations made the Mail System more efficient, and all was well. Eventually, Fire Lord Sozin launched his attack on the Air Nomads in an attempt to kill the Avatar. After news of the attack reached Omashu, Diju ordered the city's Earthbenders to go under more rigorous training in order to prepare themselves for an attack. This made sure that Omashu was the best guarded fortification in the Western Earth Kingdom.

Eventually, he is seen training Bumi, teaching him about Jings before leaving him alone to master Earthbending on his own. Diju watches from afar, and leaves Bumi notes on what to work on.

One day, in 20 AG, Bumi comes crashing trough the roof of a building that was hosting an Order of the White Lotus meeting. After a Pai Sho game that Diju stopped early, Diju invites Bumi into the order, who readily accepts. Twenty seven years later, he plays another game against Bumi, who notes that he is clearly tired and made inept moves.

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Ruler of Omashu
Unknown BG - Unknown AG
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