Difficulties and Unexpected Matters
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Legend of Mei Lien

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Well it's out! Hope you guys like it! I might be only expecting 12 chapters now because I might want to start another fanon!

What this chapter is about

The group finally sees the inside of Ba Sing Se! Difficulties and Unexpected Matters find them in the city. Lanji finally finds where the mysterious address leads to.

The Earth King is revealed something surprising by an interesting person.

This is all I will reveal :D

Difficulties and Unexpected Matters

The walls...were finally in her grasp. Her new home. The only hope she had left. Ba Sing Se...Ba Sing Se.

It was a truly magnificent sight that Mei Lien could have only dreamed about when she was little. Enormous earth barriers towered greatly above the ground. It was probably 300 times the length of Mei Lien or even more. Mei Lien could not breathe in amazement. All the rough, brutal, and terrifying travel had finally paid off.

It was definitely worth it, Mei Lien thought. She wondered what the insides of the wondrous city would look like. I bet it is going to look like the stories mother and father told me.

As the ferries drew nearer to its destination, Mei Lien and Lanji grew more excited.

"I wonder what my father would really look like. Probably tall, broad, and handsome," Lanji wondered.

"I bet he will be a kind, caring father who will love you forever," Mei Lien murmured wisely.

Lanji's face brightened. "You really think so?"

"I'm positive!"


The ferry that the group was stationed on abruptly stopped at the drop off dock.

The captain of the boat entered the civilian quarters. "Ladies and Gentleman," the man announced. "We are now docked at the Ba Sing Se port. The train station where trains transport you into the city will be up ahead when you exit the ferry. There you can buy your tickets for the train and head into Ba Sing Se. We thank you for riding the ferry. Enjoy your stay in Ba Sing Se."

Lanying, Mei Lien, and Lanji crowded out of the large boat with the rest of the passengers, eager to go on their way to the city.

"This is so exciting," Lanji squealed in delight. Mei Lien nodded vigorously in agreement. In a couple of minutes, she found herself in an enormous building. The ceiling of the building stretched highly in a circular formation. Loud noises of Earthbenders pushing and hauling trains on the earth tracks filed the magnificent structure.

"We are here, at the Ba Sing Se train station," Mei Lien gasped in awe to no one in particular. She glanced at the large wooden trains that were stationed on the tracks. Individuals raced onto them with tickets in hand and when there were enough people on, the Earthbenders bended the trains out of the station onto the tracks outside.

"Girls, we have to buy our tickets over there with the few coins I have left. There are many people, so please stay with me," Lanying ordered, pushing her way through the crowd.

Into the City

"That will be three silver coins for three tickets," an overweight lady in the ticket booth uttered.

Lanying handed the appropriate coins to the woman. "Thank you."

"Yeah, yeah...Next!"

Lanying scurried out of line and headed for her daughter and Lanji. "Here are the tickets. Do not lose them. Now the trains are over there, so follow me."

Lanying lead them to the edge of the earth tracks where the train was parked. She quickly stepped into the doors of the train followed by Mei Lien and Lanji.

A man in a fancy blue suit asked them for their tickets, and then the three looked for seats.

In the seat next to Mei Lien, there was a large man munching on a large celery stick. Ech! I guess some people here are not the manner type, she sensed.

Suddenly, the trains lurched forward quickly leaving the station. Morning light filled the windows that were carved into the thick earth of the train.

Mei Lien peered out the window, and she gasped at the surprising sight she saw. The walls, but they were much closer. They were tremendous and breath-taking as always, but now they were at least twenty yards away.

A hole was carved into the solid walls for the trains to pass through. Behind the hole would be the magnificent city.

The train is almost there! Closer...Closer, Mei Lien's mind rushed, her heart beating in her chest. Almost there, at least ten yards away. Now five yards, four yards, three yards, two yards.... one yard!

She could feel her mother's hand comforting her shoulder as the train sped through the hole. A surge of wind blew through the window and tossed Mei Lien's hair as they exited the dark center of the wall.

End of the tunnel

"A surge of wind blew through the window and tossed Mei Lien's hair as they exited the dark center of the wall"

Beautiful. Triumphant. Stunning. Flabbergasting. All of these words surged through Mei Lien's brain as she glanced at the sight before her. Ba Sing Se. The most enormous place Mei Lien had ever seen. Rows and rows of houses and buildings stretched on forever, it seemed, below. The Ba Sing Se walls circled around the city protectively. Mei Lien could see tiny specks of civilians streaming the streets of the Earth Kingdom. A tear of happiness found its way down Mei Lien's porcelain cheek.

"It's so AWESOME!" Lanji shrieked. All of the passengers on the train turned their attention onto the Earthbender girl. Lanji's face turned a bright red. "What? It is..."

Thump! The train lurched to an abrupt halt at the train stop.

"Congratulations! We made it to Ba Sing Se!" announced the man who collected the tickets. "Please exit out the openings where you came in. Thanks, and enjoy your visit!"

Lanying thanked the ticket man and boarded out of the train with Mei Lien and Lanji following closely behind. After all of the people exited the train, the Earthbenders pushed it backwards down the track back to the train station.

An awkward silence followed after the train left.

"So I never thought what I'd say when we got this far," Mei Lien spoke up.

"I g-guess this is goodbye Mei Lien and Lanying," Lanji whispered softly. "You two have to make a living here while I have to find my dad at the address he gave me."

Mei Lien choked back a lump in her throat. "I hope we can see each other again," her eyes filled with sorrow.

"Of course, just send me letters to this address, where my father lives, and we can always meet each other." Lanji took a piece of paper out of her sack and copied down her father's address on it and handed it to a shaken Mei Lien. Mei Lien peered at the wrinkled parchment.

"This address seems so..... official."

Lanji took a second glance at the address. "Really? It looks normal to me."

Mei Lien breathed. "I really hope to see you soon. Have a great time with your f-father Lanji."

The two Earthbender girls hugged goodbye. "Write everyday if you can," Lanji struggled to say. "And I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow."

Mei Lien could not help smiling. "You too my long lost twin sister."

After Lanji and Lanying hugged each other tight, the orphaned girl slowly descended down the stairs that led out of the train stop. Her eyes bore into Mei Lien and Lanying as she made her way down. A goodbye tear stained her cheek as her face vanished from Mei Lien and Lanying's view.

"She is gone, hopefully not forever," Lanying sighed. "We best get a move on out of here."

"What are we going to do first?" Mei Lien asked even though she already knew the answer.

"Help me find a job of course!" Lanying exclaimed. "Have you forgotten why we came here for Mei Lien?"

"No of course not, sorry."

"If I cannot find a suitable job today, I'll try to find us a place to stay."

Finding her Father

As Lanji exited the train stop she emerged into the rushing streets of Ba Sing Se. It was a brilliant sight to see. Market carts rushed back and forth throughout the numerous roads. People yelling orders, talking nonstop, and gossiping about many topics were the loudest noises of all. Lanji's head spinned like a top.

Oh wow, I did not expect Ba Sing Se to be this chaotic. Okay first, I have to take a carriage to get to my father's house. I am not even sure where it is. There may be thousands of houses in this uncontrollable city.

Lanji spotted a carriage that transported passengers to their destination. After paying the driver a few coins, she hopped in with her address in hand.

"Where are you headed?" the middle-aged man driver questioned politely.

Lanji handed the man the address. The driver's eyes widened when he looked at the writing. "Are you sure this is where you want to go young one?"

"Y-yes I am sure. Why, is there something wrong?" Lanji stuttered, confused.

"No not at all, I will take you to your destination now."

Lower Ring houses

"....she could tell that she was in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se"

Thump Thump! Wobble! Thump! The carriage shook down the roads of Ba Sing Se. Lanji looked out of the miniature window. Instantly, she could tell that she was in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se. Small looking houses bordered the streets, while kids who looked skinnier than sticks ran around aimlessly.

I probably look as skinny as them, Lanji guessed. She kept her gaze away from the window for the rest of the ride.

After twenty minutes, the carriage came to an ear aching stop. Squeak! Thump! Butterflies rose in Lanji's stomach. This is it! Where my father is! Oh I hope he likes me!

Sunlight streamed through as the driver swung open the door. "We are here. Are you sure your address was correct?"

"I am positive. That is what father gave me." Lanji removed herself from the dark wooden transportation into the bright outdoors.

"Oh my gosh!" she gasped in an utmost surprise. She could not believe what building was before her. It was the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace!


"Your Majesty, we brought in the Fortuneteller, Aiyuna, you were asking about," an Earth Kingdom soldier called from the magnificent doors of the Earth Kingdom Palace.

"Ah yes, please bring her before me," the Earth King, who was perched on his throne, answered. The soldier brought in a horrifying-looking lady. Wrinkles on her forehead made her look around eighty years old. She dressed in rags and long stringy rope.

"Hello there Earth King," she wheezed in a crackly voice. "I am the Fortuneteller, Aiyuna."

The soldier next to the ugly lady about-faced and dashed away down a hallway into another room.

"What have I come here for, your majesty?" Aiyuna asked in an ominous voice.

"I want you to tell me if the Avatar will appear before me in the near future."

Aiyuna cocked her head to one side. "Oh really? Fine. Give me your hand."

"My wha-?"

"Your hand!" she snapped in irritation. "Geez, what is wrong with royalty these days," she mumbled silently.

The startled king placed his clean pale hand on the grubby hand of the unsanitary Fortuneteller. "I sense...I sense... the near. Specifically, in this city right now. You will meet the Avatar soon I see. I see grave danger for you...No!"

Suddenly, Aiyuna's face began twitching, and her body started to move quickly. She fell over on the floor like she was hit by a boulder.

"Fate is near! Fate is near!" she shrieked as she shook crazily on the floor. The Earth King shouted for his guards who came raising in with their weapons.

"Get this mental lady out of here!"

The men carried the deranged Fortuneteller out of the main hall. The Earth King could hear her screams from down the hallway.

"Fate is near!"

He shuddered. The here, but fate is near?

The doors of the main hall burst open, startling the Earth King. Ranu appeared at the doorway.

"Sorry for scaring you, your majesty. I heard things with the Fortuneteller did not turn out so well," the Earth King's best general stated apologetically.

"Actually, I know where the Avatar is now."

"What?! Where?!"

The Earth King dramatically paused. "Somewhere in Ba Sing Se!"


"Get your cabbages here!" a man shouted as Mei Lien and Lanying passed his market cart.

Lanying smiled. "No thank you sir."

The bustling city surprised Mei Lien. She thought it would be a little less crazy. Well, what did you expect in the largest city in the Earth Kingdom?, a voice in the back of her head told her.

Minutes passed as Mei Lien and Lanying searched for a decent place that Lanying could work in.

"I do not care what kind of job it is. As long as it pays me money, that is all I want," Lanying stated to her daughter.

After a half an hour of searching the poorest parts of Ba Sing Se, Mei Lien spotted a sign on a store. The sign read "Help Wanted."

"Let's go check it out, shall we?" Lanying grinned.

"We shall mother," Mei Lien responded. The two family members entered the miniature store. The store sold beautiful flowers of all kind. Wow! Mother will love working in here!, Mei Lien thought. She could tell that her mother was thinking the same thing.

The owner of the store approached the two. "Hello! Welcome to Fung Yi's Flowers! How may I help you?"

"Hello, my name is Lanying and this is my daughter Mei Lien. I would like to apply for a job at this store," Lanying explained.

The store owner observed Lanying with her sharp eyes. "I am so sorry Lanying. We only hire people with professional standards. You have to know most names and origins of flowers before applying. Do you know all of the flowers and their origins?"

"I know some bu-"

"Some will not do dear. I am sorry, but I will not hire you. Good day to you," the lady spun around and walked back to the counter she was behind. "Oh and if you would like to buy flowers, today is our buy one get one free sale!"

Lanying gaped at the rude inconsiderate store owner. "Let's go Mei Lien. There must be more jobs out there."


  • I love this chapter a lot!
  • I thought of Fung Yi's Flowers on the spot.
  • I was trying to find Chinese lettering for "Help Wanted", but I do not know where to find it!
  • Can you guess who Lanji's father is? *coughs
  • I believe there will be only a few chapters left. I need to brainstorm.

Author's Notes

Yes I did love this chapter! We are so close to the Climax guys!

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