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The new team has gone to the beach and problems, as usual, come and maybe a relationship or two.


The gang is in front of the mansion.

The fighters stare at the gigantic house in awe.

"Whoa! It's as big as a lion turtle, yet as elegant as a flying boar. Imagine the time taken to make the precise design on the walls and doors!" Longshot exclaims.

"First Kuzon, now you? Did I miss the memo saying we should all speak out of character today?" Liang says confused.

"If that's the case then shouldn't that mean you should stop speaking so much?" Amai questions Liang.

"That means you should stop being as boring as a sea slug." Liang snaps with a smirk

"Guys, guys" Ty Lee interrupts "It's a beautiful day, you shouldn't be arguing when you can enjoy the beach."

Kuzon sees Ty Lee and drools. "I think I'm in love" he says aloud Oh my gosh what did I just say?, Maybe if you don't say anything they'll ignore me. Everyone looks at Kuzon whose standing as still as a rock with drool gushing from his mouth.

"Okay then. I suggest we go inside get unpacked and go the beach so the girls can look at my gigantic muscles." Kohei says eagerly.

At the beach

The beach is crowded with teenagers.

"Maybe this was a bad idea." Kuzon mutters.

"You need to stop being so shy and loosen up." Smellerbee tells Kuzon "You can start by talking to Ty-Lee, I know you like her."

"I'll try." Kuzon replies. He walks up to sun-bathing Ty-Lee trying to walk cool but trips on a rock skidding sand all over Liang.

"AHH! There's sand in my hair!" Liang screeches.

"Umm Liang, I don't mean to bust your bubble but there's hermit crabs in your hair." Heiwa says.

"AHH! Come on this is not my day." Liang cries out.

To be continued...

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