By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Japan (unknown origin)



Physical description

Female (rarely males)

Hair color


Personal information

Telekinesis like abilities


Their own kind


All humans (in their own franchise)

Chronological and political information
First appearance

Village of Spirits

The Diclonius are a very dangerous race of humans from another world Henki describes as "Elfen Lied". Back in the franchise, they were sent down as a "new dominance" and even had an instinct to wipe out humans and take their place. The majority of Diclonius are females, but very rarely there are males. No one knows why Males of this race are so rare and elusive.

As said by Henki and Althea, they also have a deadly ability to create large, almost invisible tentacles from their back to literally tear humans apart with ease. Henki got worried that since Diclonius are part spirits (in a sense), they had crossed from their home franchise to Altonia through a similar portal that Team Avatar was forced into.

So far though, the only Diclonius that were known to be in Altonia are Lucy and Nyuu. Henki worries others came through, but the only one known to date is her.

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