Asami overcoming her anger By Stuko-forever Part of the The Destiny of Diamond continuity.
Asami shocked
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom




112 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earthbending, punch and kick.

Bending style(s)

Earthbending, Firebending

Chronological and political information

Lying, sneaking and hiding



Voiced by

Romi Dames

Personality and traits

Diamond, like Toph has a fun personality. Her personality is also similar to Korra and Katara. Diamond first found out she was the Avatar after she overheard her parents talk about her being the Avatar in "The Secret". Diamond always sneaking around to find a way to defeat the new Equalist leader by overhearing other people's ideas.

Meeting the leader

Diamond first met the leader in the first episode. She battled him but then the leader called the other Equalists and Diamond and Zen were outnumbered. Diamond then ran away back to her parents.

Defeating the leader

Coming soon..

Relationships with Zen

Diamond treat Zen more like a team-mate, although Zen treat her like a special person. Diamond first met Zen when he cheered her up after she found out about her parents.

Relationships with Dean

Diamond first met Dean when she and Zen were eating at the restaurant when she accidentally spilled coffee on Dean. Dean had a relationship with Desdemona, but then Diamond and Dean become exclusive.


  • Diamond's personality is more like Toph, Katara and Korra.
  • Diamond is a great Earthbender though she never did knew she was one until her parents told her.

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