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Di Ren
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Fire Nation



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Dark brown

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Ozai, Hundred Elite


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  • Former teacher
  • Fire Nation Military General
  • Former leader of the Hundred Elite
  • Former teacher and principal of Di Ren Firebending Academy
  • Hundred Elite
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Omashu Attacked

Di Ren is a character in the fanfic Avatar - Book 4, written by Mark Ebson. He is the antagonist of the chapters Omashu Attacked and Ozai's Followers, and is slated to return later in the series.

Before Avatar - Book 4

Early Life

Di Ren was born to a wealthy Fire Nation family, an only child. He was sent to the best Firebending academies his parents could afford, and was taught very well there. He had a very mean-spirited personality, often picking on weaker students and befriending other bullies like himself. Still, however, Di Ren held the ability to charm teachers, earning their favoritism with his prodigious Firebending skills.

Firebending School and Invention

With the training he received as a child and teenager, Di Ren went on to open his own Firebending school for students ages thirteen to seventeen. Students could enter by auditioning their own Firebending talents through a series of tests; he only took the best five hundred, and out of them, the best ten were promised a free education. This promise of a free education, albeit only for a highly exclusive selection of students, drew in many applicants. However, no student was guaranteed to stay for more than a year, as every new school year the previous students were required to audition again. This helped Di Ren guarantee that he was training only the best Firebenders.

Di Ren spent a large amount of time widening the array of possibilities of Firebending. He invented numerous moves and techniques which were more powerful than the popular choices; it was this that allowed Di Ren to become an even greater Firebender than he was already. He taught these to his students, who became powerful Firebenders themselves.

The Hundred Elite

While teaching his students, Di Ren frequently evaluated their performance and skill in the art of Firebending. He made sure to note the best students that passed through his school, as he would later contact them to participate in a military group later known as the Hundred Elite. The Hundred Elite were a feared group of one hundred skilled Firebenders; they operated outside of all other commanders in the Fire Nation military, answering only to Fire Lord Ozai, and took part in capturing or destroying enemy towns. After forming this group, Di Ren gave up his position at the school, however still obtained the names and information of the best students; he would then contact them to find if they were interested in joining the Hundred Elite. This involved picking an opponent of the group and challenging them to an Agni Kai; the victor was the one who remained in the Hundred Elite. If a previous member was beaten, he or she would be cast off on the spot and denied reentry into the group; this constant threat of being replaced motivated members to constantly train and advance their skills, which in turn caused the group to become ever-stronger.

Avatar - Book 4

Destroying Omashu

Di Ren received orders to destroy the Earth Kingdom stronghold of Omashu during the arrival of Sozin's Comet. This mission was kept secret from other generals in the military, to whom Ozai would assure that the city would "be dealt with"; this was so because Ozai wished for word not to get out considering that the city was the strongest out of Fire Nation control. Di Ren demolished the city and caused all of its surviving inhabitants to flee, although he failed to capture King Bumi as Ozai requested, due to the former not being present at the city.

Assassination Attempt on Zuko

After Di Ren demolished the city and was traveling back to the Fire Nation Capital, he received word that the War had ended and Ozai was imprisoned, with Zuko taking the throne. Di Ren knew that he would be imprisoned as well by the new Fire Lord if it was found that he destroyed Omashu, so he plotted to kill Zuko and take his place as Fire Lord. He moved to the Fire Nation Capital, bringing along his Hundred Elite, and feigning sorrow for everything he had done and claiming that he had only done what he did under the threat of death by the Fire Lord. Meanwhile, he was determining the loyalty of all the guards of the Royal Palace, making sure that it was possible he could gain entry without a problem.

One night, he brought his Hundred Elite with him to the Royal Palace, after making sure that the correct guards were stationed where they were supposed to be, which would allow him to enter. He brought with him a forged document that he later stamped with the Fire Lord's official seal which would have granted him the position of Fire Lord, due to the fact that there was no heir. However, the plan backfired when a few members of his group positioned to keep any friends of the Avatar from going to the Palace failed to successfully attack Toph. She then alerted her friends and they went to the Palace to find out what was happening, and saw a large-scale battle going on between guards of the Palace. Some guards had lied to Di Ren of their loyalties, and made sure that the plan did not go through. Many of the Hundred Elite managed to escape, but Di Ren had already started his escape from the city, abandoning everything he ever had.

Planned Return

Di Ren is planned to return in at least two chapters by the end of Avatar - Book 4, but until then is remaining hidden from Zuko.


"Di Ren" is derived from the Chinese characters 敵人, spelled phonetically as "dírén", which means "enemy" in English. Di Ren is the enemy of Zuko, as he attempted to assassinate the latter in a plot to become Fire Lord.

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