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Gaoling street
Dhu Village
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Northern Earth State



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The Agent (The Kyoshi Chronicles)

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Dhu Village is a poor village located southeast from the southern entrance of the Serpent's Pass and borders the Si Wong Desert.

Layout and Description

Dhu Village contains only one road, with ramshackle houses on either side. At the far end of the road is a barn owned by Pau's family. The surrounding environment is dry and arid, and many of the houses have been weathered away by sandstorms and sunlight. The village also contains a reservoir of water as there are no streams nearby.

Flora and Fauna

Not much is known about the flora and fauna. The harsh conditions of the environment probably do not allow many plants and animals to thrive. The village does have a barn, however, so livestock may live in the village occasionally.

Notable Characters

  • Pau: The Dai Li agent lived in Dhu Village before he left for work. His mother and father (unseen) continue to live in the village.

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