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Desuk was the former chief of the Southern Water Tribe. He was the husband of Kanna, the father of Hakoda, and the grandfather of Sokka and Katara. His reign as Chief was not a happy time, it was plagued by many Fire Nation Raids in which the Tribe began to dwindle until it was eventually pushed to the edge of extinction. He lost much of his family to the Fire Nation and hated them, passing on this hatred and distrust to his Grandson, Sokka.


Early Life

Desuk was born to the chief of the Southern Water Tribe and his wife, a Healer. The Tribe was relatively untouched by the Fire Nation, aside from a small few skirmishes. The Fire Nation considered the Southern Water Tribe barbarians and not worth their time or resources. Therefore, the Tribe's warriors did not attack the Fire Nation, feeling that they were outmatched and unprovoked. Desuk's father was a great warrior; it is rumored he brought down a pack of Large Artic Wolves on his own.

Ice dodging

Desuk ice dodging.

His father began to train Desuk in the ways of the Southern Water Tribe Warriors when he had completed the ritual of ice dodging at the age of fourteen. Desuk proved to be a worthy pupil, but he claimed that he was not above average; his teacher was. By the age of sixteen, Desuk overtook most of the warriors in his tribe. His father then sent him out of the tribe with supplies for three days, saying he could return when he brought a pelt of Polar Leopard back with him. Three days passed. Desuk was nowhere to be seen. The Tribe began to think he had died, and began to plan a funeral. On the day of the funeral, however, Desuk returned carrying a dead Polar Leopard pelt as a hood. His father declared his training complete.

The Raids Begin

Southern Raiders

"They took our brothers, our sisters...our children." -Desuk to Sokka.

The warriors of the Tribe grew concerned as the presence of the Fire Nation warships grew. Ships were seen weekly at first, but then Tribe scouts began reporting that they were coming daily and spies were seen wandering not far from the Tribe. Finally, late in December of 34 34 AG, the Tribe was attacked by a group calling themselves the Southern Raiders. They claimed to be working for Fire Lord Azulon and they would leave if the Tribe handed over the Avatar. The Chief told the Commander of the Southern Raiders that he did not know what the man was talking about.

Thinking the Tribe was lying, the Southern Raiders began to attack the Southern Water Tribe, hoping to lure out the Avatar by taking some of the Waterbenders hostage. Desuk aided in protecting the Younger Waterbenders, eventually driving off the Southern Raiders with only five casualties. This began the Southern Water Tribe's involvement in The War. Desuk became concerned for his Waterbending-capable relatives, his mother, and his cousin, Hama, who he was very close to.

The Warriors began to prepare for the Raids, first by planning to hide any Waterbending children. Some Waterbenders refused to hide, and some were Warriors themselves, so they decided to fight alongside their Tribe, among these Waterbenders was Hama. Desuk believed that these people were foolish, and attempted to stop Hama from joining the fighters. However, his cousin did not listen to him, instead she decided to stop the Raiders. Desuk was not pleased.

Defenses Weaken

The Southern Raiders had a technological advantage, as well as having numbers on their side, but the Waterbenders held onto the hope that they could drive them off and return to their peaceful life. Desuk, however, saw the Tribe dwindling and the Waterbenders disappearing. He thought that it was a lost cause. Months passed, and the efforts did not work. They were losing. One year into the Raids, Desuk's mother was taken by the Southern Raiders. This was not the only devastating blow to Desuk; his father attempted to fight them off, but he was killed in the same attack.

In the following days, Desuk was named Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and his belief that the Tribe couldn't win changed. He vowed to stop the Fire Nation. Months later, the arrival of a young woman named Kanna, who claimed to be from the Northern Water Tribe, made him uneasy. He believed she was a Fire Nation spy. However, Hama convinced him to let Kanna stay with them. Over the following months, the two grew closer. But it was not a completely happy time.

Young Kanna and villagers

"Most of my family had been taken, all I had left was your Grandmother." -Desuk to Sokka.

These months marked the worst losses for the Tribe; the children were taken, and so were most Warriors. Finally, there was only one Waterbender left. When the Warriors had left to gather supplies from a nearby Island, the Fire Nation attacked. Hama was outnumbered and she eventually gave in and came quietly. The Tribe fell into disrepair as they could no longer maintain it without Waterbenders. Several people left the Tribe, forming others deeper down south.

Marriage and Later Life

Desuk was crushed that he could not fulfill his promise and save his Tribe. He never really recovered from this thought and hated the Fire Nation even more. Kanna was the only person Desuk had left, and sometime later they married. Rather later than usual, Desuk had a child at the age of 40 and named him Hakoda. He saw hope that one day the Tribe might rebuild in his son's lifetime, and he taught him all he knew about the Ways of the Warrior. He handed down his boomerang to his son when he finished his training, telling his son that even though it did not look like much, it helped him defeat the Polar Leopard.

Hakoda married Kya and together they gave Desuk two grandkids: Sokka and Katara. Sokka was close to his Grandfather, who told him about the old days when the Tribe was once great. This made him develop a distrust of the Fire Nation, which intensified when Sokka's mother was killed by the Southern Raiders. Desuk was very pleased when it was discovered that Katara was a Waterbender, believing that she was the key to rebuilding. When Sokka was five and Katara was four, Desuk died in a hunting accident. He was 72.


Subsequently, Hakoda was named the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and eventually he handed the boomerang his father gave him to Sokka. Later, when Avatar Aang was found by his grandson and granddaughter, he took the two to Omashu and pretended to be their disguised Grandfather, causing Sokka to remark that he looked like Desuk in his older years. Desuk's late wife would later remarry the Waterbending Master, Pakku, who helped rebuild the Tribe.

Abilities and Skills

Desuk was a great hunter and warrior, he learned all of his skills from his father, who was widely known to be one of the best warriors in the South. Though, Desuk always felt his father was a better warrior than him. He was skilled with a boomerang, and he reportedly told his son that it helped bring down the Polar Leopard in some way. He also knee how to use a dagger, at one point bringing down enough food to last the Tribe a week with the dagger.

Even though his skills were great, old age eventually caught up with Desuk and he was killed by a Polar Bear in a hunting trip.


Unlike his son and grandson, Desuk had a more serious demeanor as a result of the events he went through during his lifetime. He was a solemn individual, but he did see hope in the future, even though he did not live to see it fulfilled. His son, however, found ways to make him smile with his jokes. Desuk was a bit more light-hearted in later life, especially after his Granddaughter, Katara, had discovered she could Waterbend.



  • The name comes from the phrase "Sou Desu Ka", a Japanese phrase meaning "Is that so?".
    • The name "Sokka" is derived from this phrase.
    • Desu is also Japanese for "It is.", so the phrases could lead to: "Is that so?" "It is.".
  • Sokka mentions that Aang looks like his grandfather in "The King of Omashu".

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