By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Destruction of the Water Tribes
Siege of the North



Recapture of Omashu


Siege of Kyoshi Island


The War


105 AG


Northern Water Tribe, Southern Water Tribe


Fire Nation Victory


Fire Nation

Water Tribes


Phoenix King Ozai

Chief Arnook

Forces involved


  • Possibly some warriors
  • One airship
  • All the civilans, benders and warriors.


The Destruction of the Water Tribes was Ozai's final act to conquer the world. Eventually, the Water Tribes were destroyed.


When Ozai came back to the Fire Nation after defeating Iroh in Ba Sing Se and renaming it the city Phoenix City, he was surprised that Azula and Zuko fought an Agni Kai, but not that Azula won. He crowned her Fire Lord and began planning a big attack on the Water Tribes, while he left the remaining parts of the Earth Kingdom to Azula. He gathered in five years an enormous fleet, even bigger than the previous, and also a gigantic airship fleet. He decided to first attack the Northern Tribe, as that would be the strongest Tribe.

The Sieges

Northern Water Tribe

When arriving at the Northern Water Tribe, Ozai saw the defenses and knew the siege will last for days. He then sent a spy into the city, from which he came to know that the best Waterbender of the city, Pakku, and most of his students were gone to rebuild the Southern Water Tribe. The next day, he attacked, defeating the few Waterbenders and warriors with ease. He burned the city down, but as his brother, he knew that killing the Moon or Ocean Spirit would disturb the balance in the world. He let them live, but under full protection of master Firebenders.

Southern Water Tribe

Ozai left his fleet in the Northern tribe, knowing they would only slow the Airships down. He directly attacked by dropping bombs on the few buildings and hiding places. The Waterbenders were here remarkably stronger, and all the Waterbenders together created a huge ice spike and punctured an airship. Ozai immediately ordered to land, before losing more troops. He attacked the Waterbenders with his personal bodyguard, dealing with the Head Waterbender, a man named Kishi, himself. Ozai and Kishi fought evenly, but Ozai eventually won the battle. The Waterbenders were outnumbered and the less experienced ones died quickly, and later on most of them were killed. A few fled, but Ozai let them go, as he thought they would cause not big problems. After burning the remaining structures, Ozai headed back to Phoenix City.


Big parts of the North and South Pole melted during the attacks, causing the sea level to rise and flood many little islands. Ozai, however, didn't knew about the existence of the Foggy Swamp Tribe, and Azula didn't care about the forest, however, most of the Foggy Swamp benders were already imprisoned. This caused the Waterbenders to survive, but the arts of Northern Tribe style seem to be lost.

Rebellion Uprising and Destruction

Water Tribe Rebellions

After the battle, a large group of survivors attempted to start a rebellion, but it proved unsuccessful, as General Yi defeated the rebels.

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