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The Warped Unknown


Book 1: Bugs



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March 8, 2014

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Speaking: Captain, Lord, Drones

Drone: "Captain, the Lord will be arriving in 5 minutes."

Captain: "This is it. The hive inspection. I want all idle units to do whatever prep work they can, we must pass this inspection!"

Drone: (Mutters) "Yeah so you won't get your head cut off..."

Captain: "Was that a retort you scum-sucker?"

Drone: " sir."

Captain: "Then keep it that way. If I hear one more peep out of you, your Keesh food."

Drone: "No... not the Keesh!"

Captain: "QUIET! The portal is opening!"

Suddenly, A large flash of florescent green light appeared, and the portal formed. Out walked the Bristaljos lord wearing his black velvet robes and ornate silver head piece.

Lord: "On your knees maggots."

Captain: "Of course my Lord."

Lord: "Where is the general?"

Captain: "I believe he is still in his hyper-sleep pod. I will go wake him for this momentous occasion."

Lord: "Do not bother captain. I shall see to it personally that his is fed to the Keesh."

Captain: *Gulp*

Captain: "Anyways, sir."

Lord: "Do not dismiss me, Captain."

Captain: "Yes, sir."

Lord: "I want a full overview of this hive."

After A long tour and examination of the hive...

Captain: "That should conclude the inspection of the hive. Does it not?"

Lord: "That is correct, Captain. After your tour and my examination of the hive, I deem this hive officially operational."

Captain: "Thank you, my Lord. Anything else?"

Lord: "Lead me to the hyper-sleep pods. I would like to have a conversation with the General."

Speaking: Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Doctor

Sokka: "I managed to find one of the best doctors in Ba Sing Se! He says he can diagnose anything!"

Toph: "Whatever, just get him back here!"

Zuko: "We need an immediate diagnosis of these two!"

Doctor: "Hm.. mhm... oh..."

The doctor pulls out some tools to diagnose Katara and Aang.

Doctor: "There, done. I have a diagnosis for you."

Toph: "Well? Spit it out blubber head!"

Sokka: "Toph!"

Doctor: "The girl is very, very hurt but she will live. As for the boy, he is very well dead."

Speaking: Aang, Voices

Voices: "Get up.. Get up... You failed them... failed..."

Aang: "No! Stop! I tried my hardest!"

Voices: "You abandoned them... abandoned..."


Voices: "Then fight... fight... wake up... up..."

Aang: "Wake up? I'm in a COMA not asleep!"

Voices: "Not coma... dead... failed... dead..."

Aang: "Dead? No... I'm not dead! I can't be dead!"

Voices: "Oh, but you are... you are..."

Aang: "I still have all these things to do! I can't die! I have a world to protect!"

Voices: "Then fight... fight death..."

Aang: "You're right freakish voice that talks to me. I am Aang, the avatar, the last of a once great people, and I will fight death!"

Speaking: Aang, Sokka, Zuko, Toph, Katara

Sokka: "No... why..."

Toph: *Sob* *Sob*

Then, the entire room glows a vibrant blue, and the once lifeless body of Aang encompasses himself in an air scooter, and breaks through the roof.

Toph: *Sob* "Whaa...?"

Aang (Avatar State voice) "I LIVE!"

Katara: "Uhhh... what, woah!! What the heck!? It's Aang! And why are Sokka and Toph crying?"

Zuko: "Amazing..."

Speaking: Lord, General, Captain

Pod: "Deactivating hyper-sleep..." *Shhh....*

General: *Snork, Snork?* "Ah!" (Sits upright)

Lord: "On your feet, General."

General: "Oh, who huh? Oh! My Lord! You? Here? I am terribly sorry for Ackk, Ggack!"

Lord: "Your incompetence has caused your demise general. You will not fail me again."

The General gives one last choke, and falls unconscious.

Lord: "Captain, gather the gunships and prepare them for an aerial strike on the city of Ba sing Se. Then prepare the army for the blockade of the city, make it so no one can get in or out. You are in command now, General."

Captain: "Thank you sir."

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