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Secret Place

"Alright Daeden, where were we going?" Rokai asks.

"Hold up a second. We are almost there."

Deaden takes Rokai through many streets and ally ways until they reach a small shack surrounded by nothing.

"What in the world is that?" Rokai asks.

"You will see," Daeden says.

They go up to the shack and feel the ground slightly shaking. They see a big man standing at the door.

"Do you guys have passes?" The man asks.

Daeden takes out two parchments and gives it to the man. The man opens the door.

"The door to the left is to the arena," he says.

They both go in and open the door they see to the left. They see a huge set of stairs going down. As they go down, they can hear the sounds of a huge crowd getting louder. Once they enter the arena, they are both amazed to see how huge it is under the ground. Daeden takes Rokai to some seats.

"Now this is what I am talking about!" Daeden says.

"What is this place?" Rokai asks.

"This is the battle arena," Daeden says. "This is where people battle each other using their bending powers."

"Interesting," Rokai says.

They see an announcer go up onto the arena battle stage.

"Who is ready for the biggest, baddest, most violent show on earth!" He yells out to the crowd.

The crowd starts to cheer like crazy.

"Lets get the tournament started!" The announcer says.

After hours of seeing epic battles, it starts to come down to a few battlers, and one empty slot on the tournament list.

"I'm going to check something out real quick. I will be right back," Rokai says to Daeden.

"Okay." Daeden says.

Rokai gets up and looks around the halls of the arena. He sees a woman sitting down at a table.

"Is this where you sign up for the empty slot?" He asks.

"Yes. What is your stage name?" She asks.

He thinks for a moment.

"How about Blaze?" He says.

"And what can you bend?" She asks.

Back at the seats, Daeden watches the end of one battle.

"This is just amazing. Rokai better get back soon, or else he is going to miss the final battle," he says.

The announcer gets back on the stage.

"It is time for the final battle! Ladies and non- gentlemen, I introduce you to the one, and only Flying Brick!" He yells out. "And I will also introduce you to our new contestant. The one, and only Blaze!"

The crowd stands up and cheers in excitement. They see a fit young man come out, with his forearms rapped in cloth, and the bottom half of his face, covering his mouth with cloth.

The crowd cheers from the sheer excitement of the final battle.

"Let it begin!" The announcer yells, then quickly gets out of the way.

"You are gonna lose this battle you little squirt," The Flying Brick says to the Blaze.

The Blaze just looks at him. Brick kicks up a huge chunk of rock and hurls it at the Blaze. He rolls out of the way and gets in closer to the Brick. The Brick kicks up another rock at the Blaze, but rolls out of the way again.

"You are dead meat kid!" The Brick says.

The Brick punches the ground sending an amazing wave of force through the ground. The Blaze jumps over it, and blasts an amazing amount of fire at the Brick. The Brick jumps out of the way and pulls up rock pillars from the ground. He smashes them all at the Blaze, but the he uses the rocks as steps to get up high, and blast a huge amount of fire at the Brick. The Brick pulls up a pillar of rock to block the fire. As he pulls down the pillar, he sees the Blaze in front of him. The Blaze punches him in the stomach, then face, then puts his fist to his stomach again and blasts out a big amount of fire, sending the Brick flying to the wall. The Brick tries to look up, but ends up falling to the ground unconscious. The announcer runs back up.

"The winner is the Blaze!" He yells out as the crowds starts to cheer like crazy.

The Blaze quickly runs back to the entrance. The announcer starts to say things to the crowd, as the Blaze disappears. Rokai quickly gets back to his seat.

"What did I miss?" He says to Daeden.

"You missed the most amazing battle that I have ever seen!" He says as he starts to cry from the sheer amazement.

"Well, I think we should start heading back," Rokai says.

"Okay, lets go," Daeden says.

As they head back to the stairs, the lady at the table gives Rokai two huge bags of coins.

"Here you go kid. Congratulations," she says as she gives it to him.

They start to walk up the stairs.

"Whoa! Where did you win all that money from?" Daeden asks.

"Um.... by betting," Rokai says quickly.

"Wow! I can't wait to start spending!" Daeden says.

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