Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Destiny of the Avatar by AgniKai in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Long ago, the four Nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Earth Kingdom attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years have passed and the Earth Kingdom is nearing victory in the war. Two years ago, the Earth Kingdom attacked the capital and captured my father. Some people believe that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nomads and that the cycle is broken, but I haven't lost hope. I still believe that somehow the Avatar will return to save the world.

Azula was tired of this. Trekking up a high volcano with her useless elder brother, Zuko - who had somehow managed to permanently scar himself with his firebending while practicing - was getting extremely annoying,

'Why is it that when you play with magic fire, I always get hurt?' Zuko muttered.

'For one thing, Zuko, we were sparring. It wasn't exactly an Agni Kai. And for the other, it's called firebending, not playing with magic fire. But you're just pathetic compared to me - I'm a
prodigy,' Azula replied.

'Yeah, yeah,' Zuko said. 'Prodigy, firebending, sparring, I know.'

Up ahead was a brilliant, gigantic crystalline structure, in which could be seen a boy in a meditation pose, with glowing blue-white tattoos, and above him a gigantic bison with six legs and a long, flat tail.

'Let's help him,' Azula said. 'I think he's alive.'

'He could be dead for all we know,' Zuko replied. 'And you know about volcanoes? You know what they are, don't you? They explode.'

'Alright,' Azula said. 'If Zuzu's not helping, I'll do it alone.'

A stream of blue fire gushed from her hands, burning through the crystal and shattering it as hot air rushed out. Suddenly, a brilliant white light exploded into the air, and the boy's tattoos faded to a shade of deep blue as he woke up.

'Ugh,' he said, groaning. 'Do you wanna play Kuai Ball?'


Prince Kuei, exiled by the Earth King, grinned as he watched the white light rising into the air.

'General Feng, do you realise what this means?' he asked.

'That I won't be able to finish my game of Pai Sho?'

'No,' Kuei replied, stroking his black hair. 'It means that my search is finally over. The Avatar has returned.'

Three years of exile he had hunted for the Avatar, exiled by Earth King Bumi on an impossible quest, for daring to question his father's words. His eye was horribly wounded, a long scar running through it. Soon, he would be a prince again. If only...

'Helmsman!' he ordered. 'Set a course for the light!'


'So, what's your name, boy?' Azula asked.

'Aang,' the boy replied. 'And this is my flying bison, Appa.'

Suddenly he sneezed, sending him high into the air, but he floated down unharmed. Quickly, Azula realised that he must be an airbender. But no airbenders had been seen for a hundred years.

'Can he really fly?' Zuko asked.

'Yes,' Aang said. 'Yip-yip!'

Appa rose up, hovering in position. Azula, Aang, and Zuko went on, Aang steering. For approximately three hours they flew over the ocean, until Appa was too tired to fly any more, and dusk began to approach.

'Look there!' Zuko said. 'An Earth Kingdom wrecked ship. We can stay there for the night.'

'Good idea,' Azula replied.

Appa landed on the ship, allowing Azula, Aang and Zuko to get off. It was made of wood, and the size of a Fire Nation battleship, looming over the group. Azula quickly found some supplies - it looked like the wreck was recent - and Aang and Zuko rapidly fell asleep as Appa rested.


Prince Kuei watched the flying bison as it went up from the wrecked ship. It was sunrise now, and General Feng was still asleep, but he had ordered the helmsman to follow the bison, from a species thought to be extinct. He grinned - after Kyoshi's death, the next Avatar was supposed to be an airbender and thus Earth King Sung had ordered their extermination, of both the Air Nomads and their flying bison. Only the Avatar could have survived that, and only the Avatar could have kept himself in suspended animation. He was on the right track.

And that pleased him.

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