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Destiny of Two: Prologue
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Destiny of Two


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Chapter One: The Portal: Part One


Psjitu and Niro recall some of the days back when they were training and their parents' memories. Their final test is upon them.


The Spirit World - 9 o'clock in the morning

"Come on, you got to finish that move, it's awesome," said Psjitu.

"Yeah, and you're the one to talk," Niro bit back at him.

"You have been working on this for months now, show me what you got." Psjitu was becoming more and more agitated with his brother. This time - the fifth time that day - Niro succeeded in performing his move. It was quite an aggressive move and quite complicated too. He would run at a blinding speed towards his opponent, dive under him, run up against the wall or a tree and perform a somersault and while in the air, he would straighten his leg in the direction of his hoovering opponent, who would receive a stream of compressed air against his stomach and crash into the ground. If he was lucky, he would be knocked out cold. If not, he would be dead from the crash and his stomach would have broken into two by the raw power of the air. Of course, Niro had been working with a puppet, so that nobody would have to get hurt.

Psjitu remembered this day as if it were yesterday. The sun was shining bright, but the temperature was enjoyable. Niro could feel the little breeze that made his hair slightly move. This heightened his senses, because he invented a new air technique, air sense. Basically, he could feel every single movement of anything that moves through the air. It's almost identical to seismic sense. They had been training hard that day and by nighttime, they had earned their rest. That was the day before Niro received his tattoos for mastering the thirty-five forms of airbending and inventing a new technique. Now they were young adults, tired of waiting. They were eager to explore the human world. They had been warned many times by Iroh, Sokka and Aang of the dangers that they could encounter on their journey to answers.

Answers, who knew that such things can have that big of an impact on the lives of people? Psjitu didn't know. Neither did Niro. Still, they were willing to look for answers that would reveal their parents' past.

They could only remember vague images and feelings of their parents. Especially their mother, for they knew she was kind, caring and beautiful woman. They couldn't remember much of their father, but what they did understand, is that he had a one of a kind look on life.

They had been trained for almost 12 years. Psjitu had been trained by Sokka's spirit, who taught him all Sokka knew about fighting with swords and learned how to use science and logic to his advantage. Niro, on the other hand, had been trained by the ancient Spirit of Air, who taught the sky bison how to use airbending. However the Spirit of Air only taught him the basics of airbending, like meditating and using airbending in your daily life. After he mastered the basics, he had to start with the advanced techniques. That's where Aang came in. He taught Niro everything he knew about airbending and their techniques combined, the two brothers were a deadly duo. Their techniques consisted of two main parts: a technique that was based on fighting alone and a technique that was based on fighting together.

Anyway, their big day had arrived. Today, they would finally have the big test on how to deal with situations in the human world. Dangerous or not, all kinds of situations would be included in the test. Aang, Sokka and Iroh had put all their experience of the human world in this test. Should Niro and Psjitu succeed then the three guardians would let the brothers travel to the human world. While walking around pondering about several subjects that could be asked, Niro found his mind drifting off. Strangely enough, it was his mother who appeared. He couldn't let the images of her go. The image of his mother smiling before she vanished and the image of his mother laughing with his father.

Psjitu wasn't having the same thoughts. He was thinking about the human world, what it would be like. Of course, he had heard the legendary stories of ending the Hundred Year War and the construction of Republic City, but those stories had only made him more curious about what that world was like. He had to see for himself..

The three guardians had decided that Sokka should pick up the brothers for their final test. They had quite the surprise in mind for them...

Author's note

What do you think of my first chapter that I wrote? If you have the time, please leave a comment.

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