By Korra2000 Part of the Destiny's Faith continuity.

This is the official news and update page of the fanon Destiny's Faith! This page should keep impatient people like myself up to date, in hopes to calm them down.

So far released chapters

Coming up

Chapter 2: Reflections (air date not set yet)
Status: in progress (about 33,3%)
Amount of motivation: 80%
Likely to come out: ???
Subjective thought of release: (hopefully!) in the beginning of 2016


As you maybe have already seen above if you weren't too lazy to waste your time with reading and trying to decrypt each letter in every word, which I really would appreciate since I know that you must be on this page because you've got nothing else to do, there are listed two expectations of chapter releases. The first being a realistic expectation and the one below my own thought on when the chapter is going to come out. I want to bring in some action (- okay, this is probably exaggerating 'cause I'm not the person of bringing in action into a news and update page about a fanon. So no guarantees. If you know someone who is known for bringing in action into a news and update page about a fanon, you may tell me then -) into this weak page and I got a fitting, weak idea: a challenge. I'm gonna challenge myself. Either, reality wins or I, the unrealistic disaster. (No pun intended.) If you should have ideas on how to make a news page more exciting, let me know. As of now, I'm gonna stick with this little challenge. I'm open for suggestions as long as they don't include violence, harass, stupidity (trust me, this category is represented more often than you might draft to think), boredom and other illegitimate things.

So you see, I'm practically open for everything!


22/12/15: The year's almost over and I am well aware that the next chapter hasn't been published as promised which I am truly sorry for. Reason for that is, that I had no time to work on the fanon because of school, but now holidays have begun which means I should be able to fix this mess and at least finish one chapter.

Merry Christmas everyone.
06/08/15: The chapter title for chapter three has been set!
16/07/15: The first part of "Reflections" has been completed a few days ago. Trying to keep up the pace. I'll keep you updated on everything regarding DF. ^^
+ News and update page has been created
+ New chapter titles have been set


Down below, you can see the subscribers of Destiny's Faith - yup, there really are some! And if the unexpecting case of you wanting to be one of them should happen, whether willingly or not, then you can add yourself to the list or if you don't know (or want) how to do this, inform me and I'll do that for you.

So, you see, I'm pretty friendly! Don't let my reputation intimidate you. I'm a human, just like everyone else.

Live in peace, people and please, I plead to you as a sort of human, do not (let) destroy our beautiful earth; despite all of your insanity I hope there's left a sufficient amount of cleverness.

Or else Melon Lord will come and get ya.
Toph laughing as Melon Lord

Have a nice day! ^_^

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