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Destiny's Faith
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Destiny's Faith is a fanon that plays 26 years after the end of Book IV. Team Avatar and their friends are all grown up now and have found their own families. The story will center around San, a 17-year-old waterbender from Republic City. Although life can be pretty hard from time to time, San enjoyed a relatively good childhood and the fact that his 'friends' are mostly adults never bothered him.
But things are becoming complicated when his relationship with his mother crosses new borders and, if not enough, unknown men in black are attacking the airbenders! Is there any chance of safety for the Avatar's family?



San: A 17-year-old waterbender from RC who's a well trained fighter when it comes to using weapons. On the other hand, his waterbending skills still need practice. He's almost the exact resemblance of his mother whom he loves deeply. In honor of his paternal grandfather, San is named after him.

Saraya: Saraya is a 16-year-old airbender with great potential on the best way to becoming an airbending master. She's the oldest child of Master Jinora and Kai and is a mix of both, but with her own charm. Like her mother, she's very spiritual, however, no one is aware of her spiritual skills. She also enjoys being around nature and has a (little) crush on San.

Keran: Keran is the younger brother of Saraya and is also a spiritual airbender who likes teasing everyone around. Like his father in his younger times, he is always on the lookout for some action and has a deep loyalty. He's 10 years old.

Ziran: Ziran is 7 years old, making him the youngest child of Jinora and Kai. Like his two older siblings, he is also an airbender. He always spends some time with his brother whom he looks up to, so they often play tricks on their family together. In fact, Ziran is actually rather shy and is hiding behind his siblings or parents when seeing to him unknown people, even if it's the Avatar herself.

Lian: Lian is an 17-year-old earthbender from the Earth Kingdom who gets introduced later on in the story. When Saraya travels to the EK in order to find a teacher who can show her the basics of fighting, her teacher turns out to be Lian, who falls in love with her. Afterwards, Saraya decides to stay friends with him and Lian accepts it. After some conflicts, he becomes friends with San.

Rohan: Rohan is the youngest child of Tenzin and Pema and, like his siblings, a strong airbender. Together with Meelo, he's often making up fun and was one San's babysitters when the latter had been younger. Though it might not seem like it, Rohan mostly reads books when he's alone and is an expert concerning history, especially the Hundred Year War. With his 30 years, he still enjoys the fun ways, but can also be very serious at times.


Team Avatar (Korra, Asami, Mako & Bolin)
Beifong family
Air Nation (Tenzin & his family)



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