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The Legend of Korra


Over one hundred and seventy years after the events of The Legend of Korra, the world is more divided than it has been for centuries. A great and terrible civil war has torn Republic City apart and the four nations squabble in the power vacuum. In the aftermath, the daunting task of repairing the damage done is now presented to Avatar Kiryi, a young woman who may be the only person left in the world restore the balance, else the world be torn apart.



Kiryi - A young noble from the Fire Nation, Kiryi left with Rinzen hoping to broaden her horizons though was unprepared for what the world would show her.

Rinzen - A wise and humorous monk, Rinzen left the temples when he was a young man to explore the world. It was during his journey that he found Kiryi, a young woman whom he recognized as the Avatar.

Tiquana - An orphaned boy from the Northern Water Tribe, Tiquana grew up normal for a waterbender until he ran away from the Northern Water Tribe yearning for the independence from the icy glaciers.

Supporting Characters

Zheng Shan - The police chief of the Metalbending Police Force, Shan is a no-nonsense commander who has served for almost twenty years. He believes it is his sole duty to eliminate the crime that has infested the city since the end of the Civil War. In his quest, he has formed an obsession for the 'terrorist group' that has been dubbed 'Faceless'.

President Akita Raiko - The great-granddaughter of Raiko I, Akita has carried on the political linage of her ancestor. Her prowess as a public speaker has allowed her to remain a stalwart figure in the face of the growing crime and rebellion in her nation.


Book One

Episode Description Airdate
Ahead of Time TBA TBA


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